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BMF Episode 201 production stills

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

After a break that felt like forever, BMF finally returned last week (January 6). The Starz crime drama series is based on the true story of drug trafficking and money laundering organization BMF (the Black Mafia Family) and its leaders, brothers Demetrius ‘Big Meech’ Flenory and Terry ‘Southwest T’ Flenory. Season one ended with the family in a state of turmoil and the first episode of season two titled ‘Family Dinner’ picks up right where the last one left off.


BMF Episode 201 production stills

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

If there’s one thing we’ve come to realize when it comes to the oldest Flenory brother, it’s that he is never satisfied. Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) is content on expanding and this is obvious very early on in the episode. Meech is in Vegas for a big fight. Well, that’s not exactly why he was there. His plan is to smuggle drugs from Nevada back to Michigan. Instead of flying back and risking the drug dogs sniffing him out, Meech tapes the drugs to his body and catches the Greyhound back home.

We found out that Meech is doing all of this in hopes of securing a new plug, K-9. K-9 proves that he’s very formidable right away. After he fails to pay him the money he owes from a basketball game, K-9 shoots the opposing coach…in broad daylight. Meech pitches working with him but is met with hesitation. Part of this is because while the two are talking, Big L intervenes just enough to give K-9 a reason to not fully be on board.

Meech invites their former rivals, the 12th Street Boys, to their spot in hopes of joining the crews. He feels like with Lamar out the picture, their’s an opportunity for both sides to unite and make more money than they all ever have before. Meech eventually makes the deal with K-9 official. To induct him into his inner circle, K-9 gifts Meech with Big L’s tongue. He explains that Meech’s word is his bond and if anyone disrespects him, he has to handle it. He informs us that Big L’s big mouth is the reason for his action. He also promises that if Meech and Terry are ever late or play him, he will kill them both.

For the first time ever, we are officially introduced to the Black Mafia Family. Meech bypasses dinner with his blood family and instead shares a meal and motivational speech with his drug family (the 12th Street boys and the 50 Boys). He ushers in the coming era with a toast and promises that they’re about to take over.


BMF Episode 201 production stills

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

The last time we seen Terry (Da’Vinci), he was telling his brother that he was out of the game. This episode begins with a fast forward to the year 2005 in St. Louis, Missouri where Tee is having family dinner with his 263 crew. We learn that Meech has been apprehended by the feds and they aren’t letting him out. The gathering is interrupted by the cops as they arrest the gang. Ironically enough, one of the cops that grabs them is Detective Bryant back from the neighborhood in Detroit.

In the current timeline, Tee takes and passes his chauffeur/drivers test. Although it’s good news for the family business, Terry’s mind is completely somewhere else. He is infatuated with Markaisha (Lala Anthony), who is the wife of Boom, a drug dealer we met in Season 1. Before Terry can even come up with a plan to get her, he returns him to find his baby mother and child have returned. Even with his family being back, Terry continues to pursue Markaisha, visiting her job at an insurance place multiple times (he brought her flowers). She reminds him that she is married but for some reason, we get the feeling that they’re going to be seeing a lot of each other. At home, Lawanda has thoughts on how she believes Terry should move forward with his life. Terry quickly reminds her that she just got back and thinks they should take things slow.

While driving, Terry ends up picking up his older brother. Meech does his best to recruit Terry back into the family business of hustling. He explains his new situation with K-9 and throws out the idea of them using the cars from the family business to move drugs. Terry seems enticed but again declines to jump back into the street lifestyle.


BMF Episode 201 production stills

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Detective Bryant (Steve Harris) is still on edge following the murder of his partner. He also still has the gun that B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) used to kill Kato and Jay Mo. Bryant is surprised at a meeting when its announced that he has a new partner, Detective Veronica Jin. She is an old-school no nonsense cop making her return to Detroit, looking to make things right on the streets she grew up on.

As the two cruise the city, they come across B-Mickie and another one of the 50 Boyz and decide it’s the perfect time to chase them. Veronica shows that she’s well equipped to handle all the smoke that comes with being a cop in the D. She is shocked when Bryant takes her to the hospital room of Lamar, who she and everyone else thought was dead. Bryant hopes that Lamar can wake up out of his coma and tell them who shot him.

B-Mickie is named Meech’s right hand. It would seem like this is good news for him except the fact that he still at the mercy of Detective Bryant. When he returns home, Bryant is already there. He reminds B-Mickie that he has both of the guns that he used to catch the bodies. He lets him know that he wants Meech and if he doesn’t get him, he will go to jail.


BMF Episode 201 production stills

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Charles (Russell Hornsby) and Lucille (Michole Briana White) are still worrying about their finances and their future. Lucille is growing more and more impatient with their situation by the day and it’s starting to show. At family dinner, Lucille’s frustration comes to a head as she slaps Nicole in the face for talking back. Despite the conversation he had with Lucille while she was at work, Meech is the only family member not at dinner but that doesn’t stop Terry from praying for him.

After the family eats, Terry overhears a conversation between his mother and Lawanda (Sydney Mitchell). They were discussing how Lawanda leaving with the baby was all part of a plan they orchestrated to get Terry on a straight path. As one would expect, Terry is pissed and feels betrayed. Does he feel betrayed enough to go back to selling drugs with Meech? I think we all can guess the answer to that one.

One thing we probably couldn’t have guessed or seen coming was the last scene of the episode. We’re taken back to the hospital we were in earlier and Lamar wakes up. Now that one of the craziest television villains we’ve seen in a long time is back, things are surely about to get flipped back upside down just when it seemed like they were looking up. Drop your thoughts on the first episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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