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New research has discovered the US states that have produced the most talent in the NBA and ABA of all time.

The NBA was founded in New York City in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, later renamed to the National Basketball Association in 1949; the ABA was founded in 1967, and the two merged in 1976.  

Experts in the sports betting industry,, analyzed the number of NBA and ABA players that were born in each US state to determine which states have produced the most basketball talent.

Take a look below and see if your state made it into The Top 10 States That Have Produced The Most NBA and ABA Players.

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1. California – 442

California - 442 Source:Getty

Taking the top spot is California, with 442 NBA and ABA players who were born in this state. It is home to some of the most prominent players in basketball, including two-time NBA champion Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers. Nicknamed the ‘Claw’, he is also a five-time All Star and a member of three All-NBA first teams. 

Notable players From California:

  • Kawhi Leonard (Pictured)
  • Paul Pierce
  • Reggie Miller
  • Russell Westbrook
  • Damian Lillard

2. New York – 438

New York - 438 Source:Getty

In second place is New York, birthplace of Michael Jordan, one of the most iconic players in basketball. During his 19-year career, he played for the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards before retiring in 2003 to become a businessman. Despite retiring 20 years ago, Michael Jordan remains one of the most well-known names in the basketball world. In total, New York has produced an impressive 438 NBA and ABA players. 

Notable players From New York:

  • Michael Jordan (Pictured)
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Carmelo Anthony
  • Stephon Marbury
  • Kemba Walker

3. Illinois – 300

Illinois - 300 Source:Getty

Illinois is in third place with a total of 300 players, including Dwyane Wade. Born in Chicago, he spent most of his 16-year career playing for the Miami Heat before retiring in 2020. He led an impressive career, winning three NBA Championships, as well as being a 13-time NBA All Star and an 8-time member of the All-NBA team.

Notable players From Illinois:

  • Dwyane Wade (Pictured)
  • Shawn Marion
  • Fred VanFleet
  • Andre Iguodala
  • Isiah Thomas

4. Pennsylvania – 249

Pennsylvania - 249 Source:Getty

Next on the list is Pennsylvania, where the famous Kobe Bryant was born, as well as 248 other NBA and ABA players. He spent his entire 20-year career playing for the Los Angeles Lakers before retiring in 2016. Winning five NBA Championships and the 2008 MVP Award, he is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players of all time, leaving behind an unrivalled legacy after his tragic death in 2020. 

Notable players From Pennsylvania:

  • Kobe Bryant (Pictured)
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  • Pete Maravich
  • Richard Hamilton
  • T.J. McConnell

5. Texas – 210

Texas - 210 Source:Getty

Number five is Texas, where 210 NBA and ABA players were born, including Jimmy Butler. He started his career with the Chicago Bulls after the 2011 NBA Draft and has since become a six-time NBA All-Star. Nicknamed ‘Playoff Jimmy’, he currently plays for the Miami Heat.

Notable players From Texas:

  • Jimmy Butler (Pictured)
  • Myles Turner
  • Trae Young
  • Marcus Smart
  • Kendrick Perkins

6. Ohio – 205

Ohio - 205 Source:Getty

In sixth place is Ohio. This state has produced 205 NBA and ABA players, including the incredible Jerry Lucas. Born in 1940, he is known as one of the best rebounders in basketball history and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1980. The 1960 gold medal Olympian was named one of the 50 greatest NBA players of all time in 1996. Retiring in 1974, Jerry Lucas remains one of the most notorious names in the basketball world to this day.

Notable players From Ohio:

  • Lebron James (Pictured)
  • Jerry Lucas
  • Stephen Curry
  • CJ McCollum
  • Caris LeVert

7. Indiana – 173

Indiana - 173 Source:Getty

Indiana takes the seventh spot, with a total of 173 players, including Larry Bird. He joined the Boston Celtics in 1979 and remained with them until the end of his basketball career in 1992. He led them to three NBA Championships and is widely considered as one of the best pure shooters in basketball history.

Notable players From Indiana:

  • Larry Bird (Pictured)
  • Eric Gordon
  • Gordon Hayward
  • Steve Alford
  • Cody Zeller

8. Michigan – 170

Michigan - 170 Source:Getty

Next on the list is Michigan, where the remarkable Magic Johnson was born in 1959. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996 and led them to five NBA Championships. He became the only rookie in basketball history to win the NBA Finals MVP award, as well as one of just four players who won NCAA and NBA championships in consecutive years. Currently a businessman, Magic Johnson remains one of the most notorious names in the basketball world. In total, Michigan has produced 170 NBA and ABA players.

Notable players From Michigan:

  • Magic Johnson (Pictured)
  • Chris Webber
  • Jalen Rose
  • Devin Booker
  • Kyle Kuzma

9. New Jersey – 152

New Jersey - 152 Source:Getty

Ninth is New Jersey, where 152 players were born. One of those players is the Shaquille O’Neal, commonly known as Shaq. He was drafted by the Orlando Magic as the first overall pick in the 1992 NBA draft and went on to play for five other teams during his 19-year basketball career. Now a sports analyst on the TV program ‘Inside the NBA’, he is regarded as one of the best players in NBA history, ranking seventh in all time points scored. He was also one of just three players to win NBA MVP, All-Star game MVP, and Finals MVP awards in the same year in 2000.

Notable players From New Jersey:

  • Shaquille O’Neal (Pictured)
  • J.R. Smith
  • Karl-Anthony Towns
  • Al Harrington
  • Dennis Rodman

10. North Carolina – 149

North Carolina - 149 Source:Getty

In tenth place is North Carolina, home to James Worthy, nicknamed ‘Big Game James’. Having spent his entire basketball career playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2003, as well as being a three-time NBA Champion and a seven-time NBA All-Star. North Carolina is also home to 148 other NBA and ABA players. 

Notable players From North Carolina:

  • James Worthy (Pictured)
  • Bob McAdoo
  • Chris Paul
  • John Wall
  • Zion Williamson