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It’s only right that Method Man has earned a spot on the cover of Cassius’ new September cover — considering we ARE celebrating fifty years of hip hop this year!

Method Man x Cassius

Source: J.D. Barnes / @jdthecombo

Inside his cover story, Meth, born Clifford Smith, is captured rocking some stylish Fall fashions in stunning photos shot by J.D. Barnes. The insightful interview features Meth’s thoughts on his acting evolution and his interest in stepping into a Marvel role. He also discusses aging gracefully, staying in shape and style, all in all offering a very complete vision of how he’s continued to keep audiences enthralled.

We broke down some of our favorite insights from the Staten Island star for your reading pleasure. Make sure to check them out and tell us — what are your favorite Method Man moments in music, television and film?

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1. Meth Talks Acting

Meth Talks Acting Source:J.D. Barnes / @jdthecombo

“In the beginning, I have to admit I only took roles that, ya know, were me, there wasn’t any acting involved whatsoever,” says Meth. “I was very green, and you can tell now it’s apples and oranges to where I am now.”

2. On Challenging Himself As An Actor

On Challenging Himself As An Actor Source:J.D. Barnes / @jdthecombo

I decided to take it serious when I saw exactly what these actors go through just to get a part and to survive on a daily basis. For me, that is motivation enough to go through every step that I have to go through in order to give my best performance. And not just my best performance but my 110% effort to make sure that I’m not the weakest link on this set. ‘Cause there are people that show up hours before I do to make sure everything runs smoothly. Who am I to come unprepared?”


3. On Maintaining Longevity In His Career

On Maintaining Longevity In His Career Source:J.D. Barnes / @jdthecombo

“I can’t speak to their stories or why they’re in the predicaments that they’re in, but I do know some of the pitfalls that come with the industry,” says Meth of the peers who came into the game with him but are no longer on the board. “A lot of them are self-inflicted by the artist themselves. There’s nothing like getting an ego-stroked man, but it becomes very addictive and when [it] isn’t up to par with your standards, you tend to slide into seclusion to the point where you become a recluse. 

4. On Valuing Himself:

On Valuing Himself: Source:J.D. Barnes / @jdthecombo

When you start valuing other people’s opinion of you more than your own opinion of yourself, that’s when you have a problem. And for me it became me basically not valuing what people said about me but what I said about myself. Not valuing what people thought about me but what I thought about myself. And it’s definitely working

5. Method Man Is For The People

Method Man Is For The People Source:J.D. Barnes / @jdthecombo

The fact that I’m still here is a testament to my work ethic, and people f**ks with me heavy, for real.”