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Merry Christmas! 14 Animals Spreading Holiday Cheer  was originally published on

1. Marnie


2. Zues


3. Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf

4. Rudolph The Red Nosed…

Rudolph The Red Nosed…

5. Tree Pug

Tree Pug

6. Heartmelting


7. Best Friends

Best Friends

8. Lights, Check!

Lights, Check!

9. Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas

10. All About That Onesie

All About That Onesie

11. Corgi Reindeer

Corgi Reindeer

12. Who Runs The World?

Who Runs The World?

13. Pugged Out

Pugged Out

14. The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

The best way to spread Christmas cheer…