The Wednesday Five

Love him or hate him, Tyler Perry is not just a Black man; he’s a household name who has created an international brand in less than 20 years. A little over a week ago, I attended the White House’s Atlanta Urban Entrepreneurship Forum where the actor, producer, playwright and media mogul delivered the opening speech […]

Football is back!  The NFL players and owners have finally agreed to a new deal officially ending the long, drawn out work stoppage yesterday. Teams are now able to conduct the business of shaping their rosters for the upcoming season. Today, we enter what one sports writer called “one of the craziest free agency periods […]

Sunscreen is essential (this you’re aware of!), but before you buy it and apply it, learn the latest scoop from Glamour. And if you think black women don’t need sunscreen: think again! How To (And Why You Should) Protect Your Skin From The Sun 1. It’s Not Just About the SPF Level. “Once you go […]

You often hear about rappers going to film and TV but until, recently, you rarely heard about actors making the jump to music. With the recent success of Drake and the buzz surrounding up and coming music prospects Diggy Simmons, who starred on MTV’s Run’s House, and Donald Glover, who while in between paying the […]