Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court today. Read more about how we feel about the decision inside.

Only a few days out of the year celebrate our culture, Kwanzaa, Juneteenth, Black History Month, and Martin Luther King Day. Don’t get me wrong, these are great, but I feel like we still need more.

While many of us in the U.S. and around the world continued enjoying life before COVID; never did we imagine in less than two years, we would be in the position we are today.

BBLs is trending on Twitter after a user posted a video of 28 Black women returning from DR after undergoing plastic surgery.

After the historic turnout for both groups during the 2020 Presidential Election, both Black and Brown women have taken notice of their political influence and intend to spark change. While the revolution is, in theory, going forward without the overt assistance of white women, many will be involved because of their sheer numbers, but overall the last two elections have proven that Black and Brown women have a voice loud enough to march on its own.

Megan Thee Stallion uses the New York Times as a platform to speak up, not only for her but every Black woman in America.

Will a Biden/Harris ticket bring more of the same smoke and mirrors that we’ve seen from past Democratic tickets?

Learning to define what I think is beautiful outside of society's definition taught me how to love myself.

This week’s feature post is a speech to other African American millennials entitled "The Call".

"Can you hear them crying when you watch them dying, Mr. Officer?" -Jordan Paige