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Actress Taraji P. Henson has launched an initiative centered on helping Black youth overcome mental health struggles.

We often talk about the fear, depression and anxiety that’s heavily plaguing millennials all across the globe. But we don’t give enough attention to the millions of young folks out here suffering from a broken heart. Sure, we live in a tangible world with people who don’t believe in something unless they actually see […]

Mental Health

A new app focuses on aligning individuals with culturally competent therapists.

Nicki Minaj accepted the Billboard Women In Music “Game-Changer” award last night and gave a humble acceptance speech that paid homage to the recently deceased Juice Wrld, calling him a “kindred spirit.” Nicki began her speech by thanking Billboard for being the only event to get her “dressed” in the last month before […]

How Celebrities Have Talked Publicly About Their Struggles With Mental Health There’s still a stigma when it comes to having, talking about, and dealing with mental health issues–but the more we normalize that, the easier it will be for all of us who continue to suffer from issues like anxiety, depression, and more. Over the […]

October 10th is World Mental Health Day and across the globe, those who battle and advocate for mental health are not only sharing their stories but they are also encouraging those who “suffer in silence” to understand that they aren’t alone. In fact, more than 43 million Americans struggle with mental health problems. It is […]

September is Suicide Awareness Month, also known as Suicide Prevention Month, which brings awareness to the taboo topic that most are afraid to talk about. As we all know, the pain of suicide doesn’t only affect the victim, it affects family and friends exactly the same, but for much longer. The National Alliance on Mental […]

Mental Health

Gaslighters deflect any responsibility away from your legit feelings and instead pin their behavior on you.

Mental Health

Social media has become an all encompassing part of our daily lives.

An announcement from Big Sean and Justin Bieber promotes taking a break.

Want the latest news and gossip at your fingertips? Text NC to 71007 to join our text club! Rwenshawn Miller, Founder and Executive Director of Eustress, Inc  has made it a personal mission to put a halt to the stigma associated with mental illness and provide coping mechanisms to empower people to take control of […]

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