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Pepa’s New Reality Show Coming To VH1

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Pepa’s reality series set to premiere in January.


Have you heard about Pepa’s attempt to become the black reality TV version of Carrie Bradshaw?

If not, you will soon as one-half of Salt ‘n Pepa is set to premiere her new series, Let’s Talk About Pep.

The show will focus on Pep and her other four friends’ quest to find love. Those friends included journalists Jacqui Reid, ex-wife of Jason Kidd, Joumana Kidd, and radio personality Kali “Kittie” Troy.

On the show, Pepa told VIBE:

“It’s similar to Sex and the City; it’s definitely the Black, reality version. Real lives, real issues, and real friends. You’re going to see us date celebrities and regular guys. People that we really know.”

As good as it looks, my thing about reality TV is that it’s nearly as scripted as a real sitcom, only at a much cheaper costs. In any event, no worries about Cheryl “Salt” James – she’s co-executive producing the series.

That translates into those two have a production company together and she was going to see a check anyway. I am curious to see what involvement she has in the show, though.

The four-minute trailer, which you can view below, does look interesting, though:

I would never expect to hear a journalist talk about never having an orgasm on a reality TV show, though. I gather it’s a sign of the times. The show premieres Jan. 11.