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Every year, we see grown ups wearing awesome Halloween costumes. We are wowed by their creativity and their sense of fun. And then…we see the other grown ups. The ones who must not actually see themselves when they look in the mirror. Yes, the ones that make you gag a little when you look at them in all of their costumed glory. Here is a compile a list of the five worst Halloween costume ideas. If just one person doesn’t walk out the front door with the grossest outfit ever, I think it will have been well worth the time! Here’s my list:

* Baby – For some reason this outfit appeals to very out of shape, bald, hairy men. Although they don’t even like to look at themselves without being clothed from head to toe, they think that other people want to see them wearing nothing but a diaper and a pacifier on Halloween.

* Pimp – This outfit doesn’t look good on actual pimps. Plus, I don’t think people should really enjoy dressing up like soul sucking monsters who destroy the lives of naive young women who turn to a life of drugs and alcohol after someone “loved” them enough to pimp them out.

* A Fido and me outfit – If your dog is dressing like a hot dog, you should really avoid wearing the same thing. It only looks cute on the pooch because of those adorable big eyes and floppy ears. I hope you don’t have floppy ears.

* Belly dancer costume – This one is okay if you are a toned and fit woman. If you are a guy with a beer belly, please, please, don’t do it.

* Nixon – It isn’t really gross, just…Meh. If bank robbers like to wear the Nixon mask, it has become very cliche. Plus, Nixon masks are like clowns. They terrify some people.