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I’m hearing that Foxy Brown may have hit rock bottom! Sources are saying that Foxy was spotted around 1:00AM early Monday morning outside a Nathan’s in Brooklyn, New York getting high and drinking in the street!!!

Here’s what they’re saying:

Foxy was spotted with two men getting high and drinking publicly. Each of her companions held a blunt in his mouth, and the group was also blatantly downing Hennessy. The trio were posted with all four doors of a burgundy Benz open, blasting dancehall music.

Foxy was seen dropping it like it was hot against the parking garage gate on one of the guys she was with.

Fans passing by attempted conversation and pictures but Foxy responded with: “back up and none of yall better flash pictures in my direction, I ain’t signing autographs!”

Damn, what happened to the comeback Fox??


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