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Sometimes the power of whiteness is so overwhelming and blatant that it’s hard to know where to even start in telling the story. But here we go.

Meet Tracey Kay McKee.

McKee, 64, is a registered Republican in Arizona who has been vocal about the widespread voter fraud that cost Donald Trump his re-election—the same widespread voter fraud that, by the way, never existed. But this isn’t the whitest part of this story.

According to the Associated Press, on Friday, McKee was sentenced after being found guilty of—*checks notes*—voting illegally by using her dead mother’s ballot during the presidential race of 2020—you know, the election with all the election fraud McKee was purportedly against. Still, this is not the whitest part of this already insufferably white story.

From AP:

McKee, who was from the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale but now lives in California, sobbed as she apologized to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Margaret LaBianca before the judge handed down her sentence. McKee said that she was grieving over the loss of her mother and had no intent to impact the outcome of the election.

“Your Honor, I would like to apologize,” McKee told LaBianca. “I don’t want to make the excuse for my behavior. What I did was wrong and I’m prepared to accept the consequences handed down by the court.”

So, a white woman who intentionally voted illegally cried and made excuses while claiming she wasn’t going to make excuses and then said she was “prepared to accept the consequences handed down by the court—because she knows how white she is, so she knew those “consequences” would be light work. 

In the end, she was sentenced to two years of felony probation, fines, and community service.

I wonder how hard Crystal Mason, a Black woman from Fort Worth, Texas, cried when she was sentenced to five years in prison for casting a provisional ballot in the 2016 presidential election while on supervised release for a federal conviction.

Or, how about Pam Moses, of Memphis, Tennessee, who was sentenced to six years in prison after she was convicted of registering to vote while being ineligible to do so because of past legal issues.

Both Black women were adamant in saying they didn’t realize they couldn’t legally vote (and in Mason’s case, she even had an official certificate saying her rights had been restored), while McKee admitted she did what she did intentionally.

We also previously reported on the numerous Republican white men caught voting illegally for Trump, all of whom got treated leniently by the courts and, like McKee, were granted the option of avoiding any jail time.

It’s just damn annoying. Republicans around the country bought into Trump’s “stop the steal” propaganda despite there being zero evidence of widespread voter fraud. Meanwhile, virtually all of the individual and anecdotal cases of illegal voting were committed by Republicans.

In fact, during McKee’s trial, Assistant Attorney General Todd Lawson played a recording of her being interviewed by an investigator with his office where she said there was rampant voter fraud and denied that she voted illegally herself.

“The only way to prevent voter fraud is to physically go in and punch a ballot,” McKee told the investigator. “I mean, voter fraud is going to be prevalent as long as there’s mail-in voting, for sure. I mean, there’s no way to ensure a fair election. And I don’t believe that this was a fair election. I do believe there was a lot of voter fraud.”

This is just sheer caucasity overload.

Sometimes, I really hate it here.


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