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LeBron James will never be a favorite of Alt Right, MAGA, and Trump Booty Smooching Twitter, this after he came for Kyle Rittenhouse and his other political stances. After he tested positive for COVID-19, the loser squad tried to get #LeCovid popping on Twitter but ended up looking wack in the process.

Ahead of a Tuesday night (Nov. 30) contest between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Sacramento Kings, it was shared that King James would miss several games, according to sources close to ESPN.

In a press conference, Lakers Coach Frank Vogel shared his thoughts on losing his star player but realized that the show must go on.

“Obviously, it’s a huge loss,” Vogel said in a press event ahead of the game. “It’s disappointing. We just want the best for him right now. That’s where our thoughts are. And we have a next man up mindset.”

Vogel and the Lakers learned of James’ ordeal the morning of the game with the team already stationed in Sacramento. The Lakers arranged for James to return to Los Angeles on a private jet in order to enter health and safety protocols.

Vogel was pressed on James’ health status and ailments, if any, but remained mum. Anthony Davis shared more details than his coach.

“He said he’s good,” Davis said. “I think he’s asymptomatic, which is a good sign, but we want to make sure that he gets back. Health is most important. This is bigger than basketball. He has a family. We want to make sure that he’s good no matter what.”

Other Lakers stars, such as Russell Westbrook, are rallying around the Akron, Ohio native as he gets himself back on track

On Tuesday, the silly #LeCOVID trend kicked off with folks questioning James’ decision to become vaccinated, comparing him to Kyrie Irving, and taking what appears to be some shots at his toughness overall. We would share some of the comments but won’t dare dignify that nonsense with any more attention.

Get well, LeBron James.

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