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Cota Skin Luxe XL Bundle

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As Black women, most of  us were raised under the belief “Black don’t crack.” While this is a big fact and Black women age gracefully, we must still care for our skin. Yeah sis, that effortless melanin magic requires TLC. So, just like you invest in hair and makeup, you must also invest in skincare products that help you keep it cute.

Like any ethnicity, Black skin is diverse and skincare is specific to each individual. There are key ingredients that could greatly benefit Black women in addressing skin issues, including dryness, eczema, acne, and hyperpigmentation. While ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin are excellent for hydration; vitamin C, retinol, azelaic acid, and kojic acid help with pigmentation, it is believed that one ingredient has the potential to address all of these issues. Oh, and Cota SkinCare has it.

Cota Skin is redefining skincare standards by adding CBD to your beauty regimen. While CBD has long grown past its high times of puff puff pass, it is still new to skincare. CBD is an incredibly effective ingredient in skincare that is a powerful antioxidant that offers anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits. CBD is also great for regulating oil production in oily skin while hydrating dry skin and, this makes the black woman-owned brand a fave among many with Cota Skincare boasting over 200k social media supporters.

Listen sis, we know you trust us and look to us for our honest opinion on products so we are putting Cota Skin to the test just for you. So we created a beauty board of three writers with three different skin types and three different perspectives to give you the real on the products we love.

Shamika Sanders

Skin Type: Oily/ Sensitive

Shamika Cota Skin Beauty

Source: Shamika Sanders / @Shamika_Sanders

Despite having oily skin, there are some skincare products that just dry me out and leave my melanin with a pale appearance. It was only recently that I started prioritizing my skincare, but in that short time, I’ve tried tons of products that make it into my daily regimen rotation.

Cota Skin’s 24K Gold Skin Brightening Serum is luxury in a bottle that will leave your skin with a moisturized glow. Combined with a refreshing splash of their Rose Toner, the posh packaged products are a vibe.

I tried their Luxe XL Bundle and issa yasss from me. I kicked off my daily in-shower face wash with Cota Skin’s CBD Cleanser. The benefits of CBD are endless. From reducing anxiety (bingo) to alleviating pain, the CBD ingredient is a major selling point for me. I was pleased by how soothing the CBD Cleanser and Cream felt on my skin.

I followed my moisturizer with the serum that sparkled with gold flakes before inhaling the sweetness of the rose toner that had roses swimming in the bottle. Cota Skin definitely added the flare to my wash day and left me skin refreshed and pampered.

Marsha Badger

Marsha Cota Skin Beauty

Source: Marsha Badger / @introvertnthecity

CBD has become the new must-have ingredient in all of your beauty products. From hemp oils to face cleanses, everyone is adding the key ingredient said to boost your wellness practices. Although I’ve used CBD in the past, I was excited to sample Cota Skin’s Deluxe line ($128.00,, which includes a CBD Cleanser, CBD Cream, Rose Toner, and 24K Gold Skin Brightening Serum.  

I used all items for about a week for an accurate product experience. The light-weight cleanser was used first thing in the morning, followed by the cream, toner, and serum. While I do believe each product can be used independently, it is clear why they’re marketed together. After washing my face with the cleanser, my skin absorbed the cream immediately. The toner helped rejuvenate my skin, while the 24K gold serum gave me a golden, smooth glow.  

The product that won me over was the 24K Gold Skin Brightening Serum. Any product that can help illuminate my melanin is something I want to continue using. Not only did my skin have a healthy shine to it, I looked hydrated and vibrant. 

Maui Bigelow

Skin Type: Combination

Maui Bigelow

Source: Maui Bigelow / @MauiBigelow

Favorite product: Rose toner. The Rose Toner really refreshed my skin. I used it in the manner instructed on the media provided with the products. However, I also used it throughout the day occasionally because It gave my skin a bit of a boost.

Least favorite product: CBD cleanser. Although the CBD cleanser left my skin clean, I thought it took too much product to create a good lather which I expect from a cleanser.

Because my nose is the driest area of my face, I noticed a difference there first. My nose stopped peeling and was very soft, which I think is due to the CBD Cream and serum.

On a scale of 1-10, I would give the products and presentation an 8. The packaging was nice. I love that instructions are included in the bundle. My skin responded well to the product over the seven consistent days of usage. I know that many times you experience a bit of an outbreak when you start new products but I never did. I will definitely add them to my rotation on skincare products.


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