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Joe Biden Sworn In As 46th President Of The United States At U.S. Capitol Inauguration Ceremony

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‘The Simpsons’ has become a cultural institution along being one of the funniest shows in the history of television.

It also has “a knack for churning out prophetic episodes” where a lot of events turn out to be true, especially Donald Trump’s presidency.

Now there is another symbolic moment from the show that apparently has come to life.  Ironically, in the same moment that predicted Trump to be President.

From Complex:

On the day of her historic inauguration, Vice President Kamala Harris chose to wear an all-purple ensemble by Christopher John Rogers and a pearl necklace by Wilfredo Rosado. Along with its praise as a modish, appropriate look for the occasion, many viewers noticed that the monochromatic ‘fit was almost identical to the one Lisa Simpson wore in “Bart to the Future.” The episode, which aired more than two decades ago, shows an adult Lisa as the newly elected U.S. president, who “inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.”

It turns out the actual outfit chosen by Vice President Harris was a “symbolic” one as reported by Vogue.

Purple represents unity between Democrats (blue) and Republicans (red), with the necklace being a shout-out to sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.

That didn’t stop social media observers from pointing out the constant comparisons between Harris and Lisa.

Here are some examples:

Who knows what else ‘The Simpsons’ has predicted that might come in the future.  Stay tuned!


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