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We heard rumblings about this story earlier this week, but needed more details before being able to fully report.

On Tuesday, T.I. appeared on “The Mo’Nique Show” and in a blink-and-you-missed-it moment, the camera panned to the cheering audience and, lo and behold, what did you see? “VH1” groupie Hoopz sitting in the front row! WATCH THE EPISODE BELOW!

If you, like us, are wondering what the hell was she doing there, apparently, it’s because T.I. is her latest victim.

A source tells FreddyO:

After T.I. finished taping his segment, Hoopz wanted to get another taste of T.I.P, so she then – in her groupie ways – went backstage to his dressing room. He never saw her at all while he was backstage. He didn’t come out of his dressing room. I was told that she stood outside the door in a true groupie fashion talking to people that she did not know and trying to look sexy.

A source also wrote a letter to Rhymes With Snitch:

I live in Houston and I believe that T.I. and Hoopz are back on because she was out here when he was a couple of weeks ago. Vince Young had a party at Hush nightclub on Friday, May 22, and T.I. hosted it and she was there. T.I rented out a stripclub that Thursday for him and his crew and Hoopz was there with him, too. [On] Saturday, May 23, I was at Drake’s private listening party at hotel ZAZA and she was in there too along with Drake’s alleged girl Maliah.


If you’re wondering what that writer means by “back on,” they are referring to the fact that this report of T.I. and Hoopz being more than friends has been circulating since 2006. Though it seems that T.I. and Tiny were on the rocks at this time, Tiny commented on the matter while on V-103’s “Ryan Cameron” show. Concrete Loop said:

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle went on the Ryan Cameron show on V-103 yesterday to set the record straight on rumors that she had words with Hoopz at Nelly’s party at the Fox Sport Grill Monday night. According to Kool J, Tiny told Ryan she loved T.I. “very, very much” then she retracted her statement saying, “I can’t wear my emotions on my sleeve.” She said she hadn’t spoken to T.I. since Monday night at the bar. Tiny recounted how she “ended up being [at Fox Sports Grill] at the same time” T.I. and his companion Hoopz were there.

Now, MTO is reporting that sources in Atlanta say T.I. and Tiny are no longer getting married this summer. The insider claims that T.I. has put all plans on the back-burner while he gets his career “back on track.” But, we think it has something to do with his jump-off Hoopz.

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