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There are so many things to love about Tiffany Haddish, but one of my favorite aspects about the “Like A Boss” star is how down to earth she is…I mean, she’s literally the spokesperson for Groupon.

No doubt, she’s come a long way since she became an It-Girl with her hilarious role in 2017’s “Girls Trip.” Sis has a Netflix deal, hosts the show “Kids Say The Darndest Things” and has starred nearly a dozen films over the past 3 years.

Translation: Sis has secured the bag.

But even with all her coins, when it comes to her beauty routine, she keeps it simple, old school and cheap. Like she still uses Nivea creme to grease her knees and elbows.

In an article from Allure Magazine, the 40-year-old swears by the old school lotion, saying her Grandmother got her hooked on it.

“My grandma used to always say, ‘Any real woman knows how to make herself presentable.” You always keep your hair back, always keep your nails done, always be clean. You don’t have to always wear makeup, but make sure your lips and face aren’t ashy. And that’s beauty. She used Nivea, that cream in the blue-and-white jar. And she always used Vaseline for her lips,” she said.

Adding, “You got to remember, my grandma was born in 1935. Nivea is the one thing [that] as soon as I smell it, I think of my grandma…Today I use Nivea for knees and elbows.”

NIVEA Celebrates National PDA Day In New York City's Herald Square

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Nivea isn’t the only drugstore product that stays on her beauty rotation.

According to Allure, here are some other of her cheapy faves.

    • Clarisonic Mia Prima Facial Cleansing Skincare Device: Beauties, I’m not sure if you have ever used this device to wash your face, but it’s amazing and does such a better job at getting into your pores and giving you a deeper clean compared to washing with a washrag. it also preps your skin better for any lotions and serums you are using and helps reduce the looks of your pores. It’s worth the money.
    • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay: This face mask is a serious best-seller on Amazon with more than 4,400 reviews. This  100% Calcium Bentonite Clay mask is perfect for redness and acne. Tip: For optimum results, mix a little apple cider vinegar in it!

BEAUTIES: What are some of your drugstore beauty favorites?


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