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While fashion is what is presented with you, style is how you wear it and make it your own. With the rise of customization for people wanting to stand out and look different or have an item that is unique to others, we’ve seen everyday pieces reworked to become new.

Enter Romanian-born, London based designer Ancuta Sarca who is giving a new DIY trend that’s Instagrammable while upcycling. We stan a sustainable bae! She utilizes used Nikes and mixes thejm with old kitten heels to create a hybrid footwear. Using the upper part of the Nike’s she creates unique offerings for her consumers.

In an interview with Hype Bae, the designer explained why sustainability was an important factor in her work, “I recently read in an article that it is estimated that there is over 20 billion GBP of clothing sitting in wardrobes across the UK that hasn’t been worn for over 12 months, which is shocking when you first see the numbers.” She continued, “But then thinking about it, I’m sure most of us can relate to the fact that we have too many clothes we don’t use anymore.”

Why the kitten heel form? The designer tells the site, “I used to wear kitten heels quite a lot in the past and I still do it now, so it’s part of my personal style as well. To me, they represent maybe the most feminine shoes ever: feminine not in the soft or fragile way but in the strong way.”

We want to know what you think of these shoes, beauties. Would you wear them? Are you into her sustainability cause? Would you like to see more hybrid clothing and shoes like this? Sound off in the comment section and take our poll on these Nike kitten heels!

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