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Despite what our bonehead “president” and his army of lame Republicans say, climate change R E A L. Companies, for the most part, have been trying to figure out how they can help reduce their carbon footprints. PlayStation announced that will be teaming up with the United Nations to make their next console eco-friendly.

Announced via the companies blog, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s President & CEO, Jim Ryan will be joining leaders in the gaming industry at the UN Climate Summit. Through a new partnership called the Playing for the Planet alliance, they will all make formal commitments to help contribute to the efforts.

Ryan announced that the company will be continuing efforts it started with the PlayStation 4 but taking things a step further with the PS5. The next-generation console will give owners if they choose to put the console in standby mode at a much lower power consumption than the previous model.

Per PlayStation:

At SIE, we have made substantial commitments and efforts to reduce the power consumption of the PS4 by utilizing efficient technologies such as System-on-a-Chip architecture integrating a high-performance graphics processor, die shrink, power scaling, as well as energy-saving modes such as Suspend-to-RAM. For context, we estimate the carbon emissions we have avoided to date already amount to almost 16 million metric tons, increasing to 29 million metric tons over the course of the next 10 years (which equals the CO2 emissions for the nation of Denmark in 2017).

I am also very pleased to announce the next-generation PlayStation console will include the possibility to suspend gameplay with much lower power consumption than PS4 (which we estimate can be achieved at around 0.5 W). If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 US homes.

The new power-saving setting will be an optional choice for users. Sony is hoping that people who buy the console will decide to think of the planet when powering on their PlayStation 5 consoles. You can add this latest news to the slow-drip of information coming out about PlayStation’s new console.


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