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Beauty entrepreneur, author, and our friend, Africa Miranda has teamed up with TJ Maxx to help make life a little more beautiful for 14 lucky women out there through the #MaxxYouProject. Here’s the thing, have you ever had a meltdown in a fitting room because clothes weren’t fitting right or maybe you just weren’t inspired? Or how about waking up in a bad mood but having your spirits lifted by putting on a beautiful piece of clothing or jewelry?

All of the above are connected because clothing can be a powerful tool for change inside and out. However, sometimes you might need an extra boost in life and/or when it comes to finding pieces that fit into your lifestyle. That’s where the Maxx You Project comes in. It’s a transformative changing room experience that will combine styling and life coaching in one session.

“All the brown girls, we grew up shopping at TJ Maxx, but this is my first-time partnering with them for the Maxx Project. It’s all about helping women embrace their individuality and change. So you see how we branded this the changing room versus a fitting room because it’s not about fitting it’s about embracing the fact that⁠—I know we’ve talked about how your life has changed. I look at mine, and women are constantly evolving and growing so it’s all about embracing those spaces in our lives and showing how clothing can help you do that,” Miranda tells Hello Beautiful.

Africa Miranda, and life coach Danika Brysha will tour various cities around the United States for this project. Miranda will help women select a few new fresh pieces based on personal profiles they create, and Brysha will host a coaching session to help women work toward achieving their goals. You know the saying that goes, “If you look good, you feel good,” right? That is true, but you also have to do good! Yes, “do good.” But you get the idea, it’s about making manageable, positive changes toward a better more fulfilling life.

“Women who are interested in applying can head to and apply by sharing their stories. [A panel of judges will select women] for a chance to get a styling session with me, and a life coaching session with Danika. It’s not just the clothes it’s about inside and outside,” says Miranda.


Source: TJ Maxx / TJ Maxx

I got a chance to go through the experience myself, and it’s legit! I filled out a questionnaire where I described my style and explained my goals and what my lifestyle is like. When I got to the TJ Maxx changing room, there were clothes and shoes selected by Miranda waiting for me. The thing is, I’m a lot bigger than I used to be due to weight gain, so finding flattering and comfortable clothes that fit has been an uninspiring process since I do most of my shopping online.

But Miss Miranda nailed it! I walked away with a beautiful berry-colored coat, sparkly silver and taupe shirt, a printed blouse, snake print jeans, and red boots. My favorite clothing aesthetic is prints and colors and I got exactly pieces I would have looked for, but already styled. I won’t go into too much detail about my coaching session with Brysha, because it does get personal, but it allowed me to set a two minute morning ritual where I write down what I’m grateful for. That is a habit that is surprisingly helpful and easy to do.

If you’re interested in joining the #MaxxYouProject for a transformative session, then hit that link and get to work! Africa Miranda and Danika Brysha will be touring Chicago, Nashville, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Minneapolis from now through October 22.

Will you be applying?


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