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Jamie Foxx stopped all rumors claiming that he is dating model and singer Sela Vave. During an interview, he let’s everyone know he’s mentoring and helping her in her music career,

“I’ve always been a person who’s been about talent. When you talk about Sela, I met her a few weeks ago at a party. Beautiful, beautiful young girl. She picked up a guitar, started singing for everybody… she was killing it. I said ‘What is going on? Why aren’t you famous?’ So I started working with her. It’s interesting how the optics changed.”

Jamie added she also hangs with his kids,

“People are saying I’m dating the girl, let me just say this, that’s absolutely not true! That girl hangs out with my kids. My young daughter loves her, my oldest daughter loves her… I talk to her mom, her parents… I know the nature of the business that we’re in, so I don’t trip on headlines, you know what I’m saying, I don’t trip on that.”

However, Jamie explains the double standard when it comes to upcoming female artists working with known male artist. She has received some criticism for allegedly dating Foxx, however, some of it wasn’t negative. He wants to let everyone know Sela is like a member of the family, she calls him her uncle and has even travels with him and his daughters. Sela is close to Jamie’s daughters age and he says he is never dating someone a young as his daughter,

“I got a twenty-five year old daughter and I don’t date in my daughters range…ever! I always try to make sure that my daughter can look and me say, ‘Hey dad, you ain’t screwing up.’ I wanted to be able to address that.”

Rumors started when Sela posted a photos of her and Foxx very close together. However, Jamie is now a single man, him and Katie Holmes’ broke up