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50 Cent at Oak Atlanta

Source: Prince Williams / ATL Pics

The beef between 50 Cent and Wendy Williams is not over. Wendy allegedly popped up at the party, that 50 hosted and things didn’t go well. A woman also attending the party said Williams was not able to get into the party. Of course 50 posted a video that shows Wendy talking to a man along with a caption that says,

“you can’t just show up to my PARTY if you been talking about me. B**** wait out side”

However, Sources tell TMZ, that the video of Wendy apparently having trouble getting into 50 Cent party at BarCode in New Jersey does show the full story. Apparently Wendy got in with no trouble, she even hung out with Snoop Dogg. Sources close to Wendy, say she took her son to the party for his 19th birthday because he’s a huge Snoop fan, and he took a picture with Snoop. Snoop headlined 50’s party along with Fabolous and Trey Songz.

More sources close to Wendy, say she was only at the party for at least 20 minutes….. she apparently left after her son met Snoop and they went to get food.