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Source: Vivien Killilea / Getty

NBA champion  “Magic” Johnson is one of the most remarkable athletes and entrepreneurs of all time! However, Magic loves his social media just as much as anyone else. Magic Johnson is celebrating his 60th birthday and since all these list have been created, Magic decided to make his own top 60 lists. Since the popular, “Best Rapper of All Time” lists went viral on both Twitter and Instagram, he created his own lists.

For his upcoming 60th birthday, Magic posted lists of his top favorites. He listed each thing in alphabetical order! The first list he posted 60 favorite films.

Since he is also a businessman, he owns movie theaters, 24-Hour Fitness facilities, Starbucks coffee shops, and his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers – Magic is a master money-maker, he then listed 60 of his top athletes turned entrepreneurs.

Lastly, Magic made a list of his favorite travel destinations and TV shows.