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A Michigan mother is outraged that her 10-year-old son is being charged with assault for playing a simple and innocent game of dodgeball.

According to 7 Action News, on July 24 said that Cameishi Lindley received a call from Wayne County Juvenile Court that son Bryce was being charged with aggravated assault for an April 29 game played at Ruth Eriksson Elementary in Canton, Mich.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Lindley, adding, “This is a kid that was playing on the playground with his friends.”

During the game in question, Bryce threw a ball that hit another student in the face, yet, the victim’s mother claims her son has a medical condition that if hit in the head can cause serious issues.

“He sustained facial tissue damage to his face. He had a black eye and a bruised nose,” the other parent said told 7 Action News. In addition, he suffered a concussion.

The mother, who wants to remain anonymous, also claimed her son had been targeted by other students before.

Lindley said she and Bryce were not aware the victim had a medical condition.

“I am unaware of any of those situations,” Lindley said. “I’m sorry that her child got hurt. I’d be sorry for any child that got hurt.”

Adding on Facebook, “The Principal disclosed that the injured student has a pre-existing condition, ‘Chronic brain stem infliction…’ Clearly, this student should not have been playing a physical contact sport.”

While Bryce was suspended from school for the incident back in April, nearly three months later he is now facing criminal charges.

The soon-to-be fifth grader will face a juvenile court judge on August 1.

Lindley has created a fundraiser to help pay for her son’s legal fees.


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