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Gina Rodriguez 

On Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez plays one of the most lovable, complex characters on T.V.

But in real life, Gina is making it reeeeal hard to root for her.

The star of the new movie Miss Bala has a messy history when it comes to understanding race and this week, the mess came out abundantly.

Rodriguez went on Sway in the Morning to address comments she made saying Black and Asian women get paid more than Latina women. Rodriguez received backlash for the 2018 comments with many people labeling her anti-Black for focusing on Latina women without considering Afro-Latinas and other ways Black people are marginalized.

Rodriguez tearfully addressed the backlash on Sway, saying she was hurt by the comments because she considers the Black community to be her community and she’s “very aware” of what her culture is.

She even went on to say that her dad is “dark-skin” and “Afro-Latino.”

And this is where it all went wrong. Check out her words starting at the 11:59 mark below.

Now take note that this is a picture of Gina’s father…

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That’s dark-skinned to her.

The Internet swiftly reacted…

A hilarious thread was even started on Twitter where people could drop pics of their favorite “dark-skinned” actors (the list included people like Logic, Shemar Moore, Wentworth Miller and Drake).


Gina, Gina, Gina.

You literally just told on yourself.

The fact that you think your father is dark-skinned shows how out of touch you are with the Black community and probably the Afro-Latinx community.

Twitter user @jackquemi explained it best when she wrote, “Listen, I don’t doubt Gina Rodriguez’s dad probably has Afro heritage, but he ain’t dark by any stretch of the imagination. Growing up in Miami I was made to believe I was super dark by the way white Latinxs talked about me (and ridiculed me) but at some point I woke up.”

If the Latinx community concerns Gina so much, why not talk about how dark-skinned Latinx people are nearly invisible in the media and telenovelas? Why not dissect that pay disparity stat and find out how many of the low wage Latina women are actually Afro-Latina?

People even brought up an interview Rodriguez did with Global Grind back in 2018 where BlogXilla said Yara Shahidi was so many goals for “Black women,” and Rodriguez corrected him, saying she’s a role model for “women” period.

Like damn Gina, can BLACK women have their moment?

Jane got a lot of work to do if she wants a W from the Blacks she loves so dearly.

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