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There must be something about Nasir Jones because he has the R&B girls going crazy over him. Let’s face it, he’s a very good looking guy, he ages like fine wine and when he puts on a suit, there’s no denying that he is THAT DUDE!

Earlier today, Nas took to Instagram to announce that he’s looking for another wife.

There’s no doubt that the ladies love him. Some of them have professed their love through music.

Singer/songwriter Teedra Moses revealed that her song “Be Your Girl” was actually about the crush she had on the Queens rapper. During a performance on “Pieces” hosted by Issa Rae, Teedra spilled the beans about the 2004 track.

“It was like my open letter to Nas,” she told the crowd. “I really wanted to be his girl so bad. I thought that I was gonna sing this song, I was gonna do a video, I was gonna look beautiful, and he was gonna be beating down my door to marry me. No, y’all think I’m playing. I was so serious.”

In the song, Teedra says:

Don’t know if you got a girl

Don’t mean to disrespect but

Thoughts of you rule my world

I even dream of you, I swear

Visions of you and I

See you all around my way

Been meaning to say “Hi” but

I’m just way too shy

I gotta make you see this is

More than just a silly crush

Let’s also mention this semi-throwback video of Teedra throwing massive shade at Kelis. It has taken everyone over the edge.

When asked about it on Twitter, Teedra says it was just a “silly crush.”

Listen to “Be Your Girl” below.


Teedra Moses isn’t the only one who has declared her love for Nas through music. There’s still the jazzy classic from Amy Winehouse, “Me & Mr. Jones”.

“Me & Mr. Jones” appeared on Amy Winehouse’s final album, “Back To Black” in 2006. It was rumored that Nas and the British singer, who both share a birthday (Sept. 14), had a very close relationship. Though it was never confirmed whether or not they dated, it was very obvious that they cared about each other deeply.


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In her song, Amy says:

What kind of fuckery are we?

Nowadays you don’t mean dick to me (dick to me)

I might let you make it up to me (make it up)

Who’s playing Saturday?

Mr. Destiny, nine and fourteen

Nobody stands in between me and my man

Cause it’s me and Mr. Jones

Nas and Amy’s bond was so tight that he even made a song about her after her death. The song, “Cherry Wine”, was featured on his 2012 album Life Is Good.

If you’ve been living under a rock, take a listen to Amy’s “Me & Mr. Jones” below.


So now that we know Teedra Moses and Amy Winehouse both loved them some Nasir Jones, who do you think had the better track?

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