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Morgan Freeman

Source: Getty Images / Morgan Freeman

Just when you thought you had to cancel Morgan Freeman along with the rest of the creeps in Hollywood, video footage surfaced that’ll have you thinking twice about throwing away Mr. Clark.

Along with the eight women accusing the Academy Award winning actor, entertainment reporters have also come out saying they’ve felt Freeman was inappropriate with them. One being 31-year old Chloe Melas, who was “shocked” at Morgan for making a comment about her pregnancy.


Is she reaching to the moon and back? Or Nah?

Melas even tried to pull WGN-TV reporter Tyra Martin into the mix by showing footage of the time Freeman told her, “I get to look at you and drool” and reminded her that he’s single. But despite Chloe’s super reach, Martin insisted she was always “in on the joke” and never felt uncomfortable except for once.

Now, we’re not saying that Morgan Freeman is innocent by any means. But Chloe Mela’s statement doesn’t seem to equate to the pain, ridicule and embarrassment that other women who’ve been assaulted had suffered.

But what do we know?

Catch Morgan Freeman’s full apology here.



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