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Winter of not only brings the cold weather but the cold, flu and other wreak havoc on your immune system!  While your working to stay warm, try working on your health too!  Here are a few tips to that I found and put into practice myself:

  1. Wash your Hands: Always do this but pay close attention to washing your hands during the winter it can help prevent picking up cold and flu germs.
  2. Hydrate: You may be reaching for something warm to drink but don’t forget about drinking water.  Staying hydrated help you body to function properly.
  3. Vitamin C & Herbal Supplements: Always check with your doctor first before adding supplements to your daily routine.  Vitamin C helps boost your immune system.
  4. Eat Right & Exercise: Adding this to your New Year’s Resolution is always a good idea, especially in the winter.  A well planned meal and exercise routine can kick start that energy.  We all get that “Bear” ministry during the winter…sleep…please…Lol!
  5. Rest &  No Stress:  No when to say when. No when to say No!  Its OK to say both!!  Stress effects our bodies in many ways.  The less stress you deal with overall can help you in the long run. No stress in 2018!

Listen family, learn to protect your health.  Start now and by Spring you’ll be doing a new thing!



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