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Behind every successful artist or entertainer is a dedicated team with a vision and the combined powers of marketing and publicity. But what exactly goes into be a publicist and what’s the difference between a publicist and marketer. We tapped celebrity publicist Marie Driven, who elaborated on her position in the industry and what each respective job entails.

HelloBeautiful: Explain what you do…

Marie Driven: I own a media relations company. My job is to gain client exposure. We call it “eye balls.” That entails getting the client on TV, radio, article placement, brand collaboration deals. Working different angles to keep and get the client buzzing.

What is the difference between marketing and publicity? Marketing is more on the branding side and creating the client’s brand. Whether it’s a photo shoot, a mini commercial/ documentary to help the client market to their audience. Publicity is what you do once you’ve established an image for the client, which entails article placement, create copy, and press runs to name a few.

What advice do you have for someone trying to break into the business? Understand your craft and what you want to specialize in within the field. Don’t take on more you can handle.

How hard is it for a woman to thrive in the marketing/ publicity industry? As a women it’s challenging. Most of us get hit on and that doesn’t make it easier for us to do our job. When we stick up for ourselves, sometimes, we’re considered to be “bougie.”

What are 3 tips to building a brand from a marketing and publicity standpoint? 1)The right Image. 2) A digital plan. The more visual you are the more people get to see what you’re offering 3) collaborations ( if you can cross brand with a company that fits your image the more “eye balls” you will have on your project. For example, I had artist Ricky Blaze shoot a campaign with Akoo clothing. They placed the imagery in some clothing stores where we had Ricky do signing’s while promoting his album.

What are some common misconceptions about your job? Sometimes people think I’m a promoter. Some people don’t understand the job description of public relations/ brand management. Because I promote the client by pushing their project on blogs or social media, they think it’s the same way they promote a party.

Find Marie Driven on social media @MarieDriven.


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