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Source: ione / iOne

Oklahoma police officer Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted by a jury in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. Terence Crutcher was gunned down because Shelby felt he didn’t obey her commands to lie on the ground and appeared to reach for a gun inside his SUV.

It was noted by the prosecution that Crutcher had his hands visible in the air, but Shelby’s lawyers disputed that claim saying two minutes before the cameras began recording, she had repeatedly ordered Crutcher to stop walking away from her and get on the ground.

It was later learned that Crutcher was indeed under the influence of PCP aka Angel Dust, which makes users act combative and make sudden sporadic moves. A vial of PCP was claimed to be found in Crutcher’s SUV.

Police Officer Holding Gun

Terance Crutcher’s father, Rev. Joey Crutcher said, “Let it be known that I believe in my heart that Betty Shelby got away with murder.” His sister Tiffany Crutcher said, “Betty Shelby murdered my brother and after she murdered my brother the Tulsa police department covered up for her.”

Four days after Crutcher was killed, a riot was incited in Charlotte, North Carolina because of the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. These incidents helped propel the Black Lives Matter movement into the national spotlight while the black community called for justice over the killing of unarmed black men.

Take a look at the video footage from Crutcher’s incident and tell us what you think.