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Remember how last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York ended with Yandy trying to pop off on Samantha? Security broke that up so things didn’t get physical. They calm down enough to ask Yandy whether she was married to Mendeecees or not. Yandy tells them they are married and doesn’t explain the technicality. The next order of business is that Mendeecees wants Yandy and Samantha to come together and plan a birthday party for Little Mendeecees. Surprisingly, Samantha is cool with attempting to work with Yandy for the sake of their kids…and because Yandy offered to pay for the party.


We’ll see how that goes.

Amina is back, kind of. She moved to LA with baby Cori, and she’s in labor with Peter Gunz’s 10th and “final” baby, Bronx. Peter Gunz says he feels some type of way about Amina leaving New York and wants to talk to her about their situation, whatever that means, but that’s on hold for now. He’s currently more concerned about bringing a healthy baby into the world (which we’ve long known has happened since last summer). Later on, Peter brings his mess to Tara, who gave birth to their son Gunner a few months prior to Amina having her baby. Tara is trying to convince us that she has moved on, and she’s also pushing her advice book…


Anyway, Peter tries to convince Tara that she’s the one he really wants to be with—for real, for real, for real, for real, this time. Tara expresses faux outrage and claims that she’s over Peter because of all the pain he caused her, and shuts him down…for now.


Remy and Papoose make another two second appearance. She meets up with him and presents a giant gift box full of balloons. Guess what, Remy is pregnant! You already know Papoose is thrilled. It’s a beautiful moment to see them gushing over it and sharing a beautiful hug.

Back to Peter and Tara. Peter decided to throw Tara a surprise birthday party—something Tara said she always wished Peter had done for her when they were together. He even flew Tara’s brother in and gave a BS apology speech.


Tara’s brother pulled Peter aside (several years too late) and gave him the business about how he treated Tara all these years, but also said that he believes in second chances, yatta yatta.


Second chances, though?

Peter has long exhausted chance number two, but I digress.

Sad news for Remy and Papoose. Remy had an ectopic pregnancy and the doctor told her that she can’t have any more natural pregnancies. Remy is crushed and understandably having a melt down. Pap is crushed too, but trying to keep it cool and staying strong for Remy. He also looks on the bright side. Remy’s uterus is still in tact so hopefully they can get a surrogate and have the baby they want.


So sad, but hopefully things look up soon. They deserve it.


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