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Nina Parker is back doing her Love and Hip-Hop franchise hosting duties and did a good job of asking the hard questions and keeping her cool even when nothing made sense or when things got too dumb. Tonight’s episode of part one of the Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood Season Three Reunion is the usual stuff—shenanigans from yet another entertaining season. Everyone came dressed like it was prom, despite the fact that in the case of the women, most of them are probably going to fight anyway, but I digress. Moniece was the star of the show, but not in a good way.

Let’s run down some highlights that further damaged our brain cells this season.

1. Moniece, the Reigning Beef Champion

Moniece is a topic all her own because her drama is all up and through tonight’s episode. Her minor beef with Nikki was brought up. Remember when Nikki found out that Fizz was staying with Moniece and was pissed off about it? And then Moniece did was she does and antagonized Nikki by claimed she wanted Fizz’s sperm? Yeah, that. It’s cool though, Nikki has moved on, but what has come out of this discussion is that Moniece, in following the trend of a few other women on the Love and Hip-Hop franchise, is bisexual and has a girlfriend. But where Moniece takes it up a notch is that she and her girlfriend are working on getting pregnant. That will all probably be filmed and aired during next season. How much you want to bet?

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2. Moniece Vs. Everyone

Again, Monice’s drama was all up and through tonight’s episode. She pretty much has beef with a majority of the women on the cast. Basically, Moniece feels like people just come for her out of the blue, but Nikki brought up the fact that Moniece likes to play the victim. Brandi got all turned up and started barking (you know how she does) because she still has beef with Moniece for calling her son ugly. Moniece stirred the pot by admitting that she said it, but she’s not contrite. She was really just trying to rile Brandi up again, and it worked. Masika turned up because Moniece is her friend, and basically, this conversation got nowhere. However, it’s important to point out that Masika is a lowkey comedian. Her insults are hilarious.

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3. Moniece’s Sex Tape

That situation came up, of course! It turned into Brandi and Max vs. Fizz and Moniece. Fizz and Max got dragged into the beef, and they both went back and forth with each other, fiercely defending their women. Fizz condemned Brandi for even thinking about releasing the tape, Max condemned Moniece for antagonizing Brandi to the point where she thought about releasing the tape, and the men went at each other for a hot second. Then, Brandi and Moniece went back and forth again, and this went around in a circle, you know, the usual, but the moral of this situation is not to call people’s kids ugly.

4. Not Moniece Drama

Finally, a moment that didn’t revolve around Moniece! Ray J and Princess got married as we know. So far they’re still happy and Sonja and Princess are on good terms. Ray and Princess are also back on good terms with Brandi and Max. Remember, Princess kicked Brandi out of her wedding party for telling Ray about the prenup, yatta yatta. Brandi claimed that she told because she thought it would fix the situation.

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5. More Not Moniece

Remember the Nikki, Safaree and Rosa Acosta love triangle? At the end of the season it seemed like Nikki and Safaree were moving forward as a couple, but that’s no longer the case. Nikki and Rosa are a thing. We’ll see how long that lasts.

P.S. We got some tea that Rosa used to date Amber Rose back in the day.

6. Misc.

Remember when Brandi misappropriated that $27K that Max gave her for their son? Well, Brandi said she paid back all of the money and that her store is doing well.

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And scene.

But did you see the promos for the next season of Love and Hip-Hop New York featuring Felicia “Snoop Pearson” and Juelz Santana?

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See you next week for part 2 where the drama will be turned up. Willie Shanda and 12-years-a-side-chick will be on the hot seat.


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