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A male contraceptive study by way of injection has been found to be 96% effective against pregnancy. Beauties, before you get excited about the chance for shared responsibility within the birth control sector outside of condom use, you’ll have to wait awhile. The trial was halted because of a 320 male study, 20 of the men reported the side effects of the injection unbearable. Side effects from participants included mood swings, acne, changes in libido, muscle pain, and depression.

These side effects mirror those of birth control pills for women. In the African-American community, birth control is used by

A spokesperson from the World Health Organization released a statement, “The study found it is possible to have a hormonal contraceptive for men that reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancies in the partners of men who use it.”

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It’s absolutely appalling to me the stark bias of responsibility of contraception towards men. The bulk of responsibility, since it’s release in 1962, has been placed on women. This study is 96% effective, the World Heath Organization is in support of it, yet because of 20 men, 6% of the study, couldn’t handle what 4 out of 5 sexually experienced women will have taken at some point in their lifetime.

Another report came out, countering that men are not just wimps, but rather, sighting other rare occurrances like suicide (which was not linked to the injection) and the over 1,000 adverse effects combined by the 320 men.


How is it that we’re expected to deal with the risk of getting breast cancer, yet men can’t deal with some mood fluctuations. 19% of breast cancer deaths in 2016 will be from African-American women (get more facts and resources here).

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Taking the pill or using a form of birth control (outside of condom use) is an action we’ve been expected to do. Even with condom use, how many times have you had to ask to the man to put one on?

We covered the potential link between birth control and depression. It’s so interesting that the other half of the U.S. population (women) can be expected to deal with the responsibility of family planning, not to mention the other side effects that men do not experience (heavy periods, cramps, random spotting…just to name a few).

The men who decided to opt out of the study, that’s their prerogative. Their body, their right. I’m just annoyed the medical industry is not evolving and finding shared solutions in pregnancy prevention.


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