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Jamie and Angela are still reeling from their break up. Jamie is stoic about it, but Angela is especially open about her frustration. We caught her venting about the breakup to her sister and we get the feeling that this might turn into a woman-scorned situation. Angela has massive dirt on Ghost. Hopefully she doesn’t turn on him. Actually, Agent Tim stopped by her place and asked her to come with him to the office. It turns out, everyone on the Lobos task force is a suspect in the breach of confidentiality that led to Lobos’ being assassinated. The cell phone found on Lobos’ body linked investigators to their office, but remember Michael Sandoval was the one calling Lobos. That was a sloppy decision that’s going to cost someone, most likely Angela.

Michael Sandoval seemingly aced his interview with the feds, and managed to low key threw Angela under the bus, but hold that thought on this because it’s going to get really tense.


Milan and his goons took Tommy and Ghost for a ride to inform them that they are his slaves since they stole from him. Sucks to be them. It really sucks to be Ghost because Milan wants some interest on the money Ghost and Tommy owe for the shipment they stole and he wants Ghost to sell product in his nightclubs. This is a problem because all of Ghost’s nightclub money is clean. Ghost wants to do what Milan says for now until they figure out what to do about this situation. Tommy is not about to bow down to anyone and feels like he can handle it his own way because he thinks Ghost is acting like a bish. Obviously, Milan isn’t feeling Tommy. This will definitely come to a head.

Milan’s interference is definitely screwing up James’ plans to become a legit mogul. James almost got the Karen Bassett contract, but lost it because he had to use the money he was going to put up in that deal for business with Milan. Karen likes James a lot so maybe she’ll eventually be able to convince her father to get back in on the deal, but that’s a hard call because businessmen will always be about the dollars.


Back to the feds situation:

Greg stalking Angela made him look guilty. The Investigators’ theory was that he might be trying to set Angela up because she broke his heart, but he got out of that quickly by insisting that they look into Angela’s relationship with James. Interestingly enough, Michael Sandoval, of all people, came up clear and seemed like the one agent who wasn’t involved with the Lobos break.


So the investigators want him to work with them to catch the mole and he’s with it. He fed them information about James and Angela’s relationship so Angela is back in the hot seat. The agents were good at making her feel like James played her so that she would break and snitch, but she kept it together well. She mentioned how she cloned Jamie’s phone to track Tommy to bring her closer to Lobos. Remember that from last season? Yup, even though that was against the rules, it may have bought her a little more time. The agents let Angie go, but decided they needed to talk to Jamie.

Angela later on confronted Tasha, wondering if she was with Ghost the night that Lobos died and tried to pull the whole, if she’s covering for him then she goes down too. Tasha played it smart and told Angela that she was with Ghost and that they smashed and that Angela got played because Ghost was having a midlife crisis. Angela was stuck on stupid. She kind of believed the theory because Ghost and Tasha are technically still married. Don’t we still this happen all the time? Married man shacks up with side chick then decides to go back to his wife and kids? Well played, Tasha. It’s believable.


Dre finally got Ghost to get him back involved in the street life, but unfortunately, he’s spying for Kanan. He told Kanan about Milan’s shake down and how scared Ghost is and wants to know what Kanan’s plan is. Kanan’s response was that he was going to give Ghost a history lesson. This was after he killed an anonymous old lady that no doubt has some relation to Ghost.


Meanwhile, Milan made dinner plans for he and Tatyana at Ghost’s old home with Tasha and the kids. Tasha is completely oblivious to the eminent danger because Ghost didn’t tell her what was up, of course. So Tasha is thinking this is all happy and legit. Ghost, on the other hand, was looking like the Mr. Krabs meme. Seriously, he was standing there like this during that scene:

Ghost paid Milan the money he wanted, but Milan urged him to get the deal back on with Karen because he wants to sell drugs in his clubs. Ghost refuses to sell drugs in his clubs, but Milan won’t take no for an answer. Tasha ain’t stupid either. Ghost finally told her what was up with Milan aka “Dean’s” not so innocent visit. She then told him about her meeting with Angela and how she gave him an alibi.

In Tommy news, we find him in a bit of a downward spiral. He’s finally starting to freak out about Milan, and Tasha unknowingly let it slip that Holly was pregnant (Tasha still thinks Holly is alive). He went and got drunk in a field, which is the perfect set up to get kidnapped by some goons. That’s exactly what happened.

Turns out it was the Serbs. They took him to a warehouse, fight club style and started beating the ish out of him.


He fought back like a g, but there were too many. The initial instructions were to kill him, but Milan came through, and admired his heart, and told them to let him go but warned him that this is punishment for being disobedient. Milan knows about Holly and that Tommy has nothing to lose and now considers him an asset.

The episode concluded with a bitter Angela paying Ghost a visit. She wanted to get him to admit that he used her. Ghost thought she was wearing a wire for a hot second, but she told him that there’s no wire because if he goes down, she goes down since she told him that Lobos was alive. She needs him to help her figure out who the mole is. If they trace this back to her then she’ll get pinned as the mole and also implicated in Lobos’ murder, which means the death penalty. Again, Ghost is looking like:

Because everything is falling apart.

And he still doesn’t even know that Kanan is back.



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