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Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is keeping up the Love and Hip-Hop tradition of threesomes, jump offs, and shady boyfriends and husbands. This week we pick up from Willie’s situation. Basically, he got some splaining to do. Shanda confronted Willie about Kyesha’s allegations that they’ve been sleeping with each other basically through the entirety of she and Willie’s marriage. Willie really tried to act like he didn’t know what Shanda was talking about, but she pulled out Kyesha’s receipts—you know, d–k pics, text messages and all that. He still tried to play dumb as a bag of rocks and the best he had to offer was that he didn’t give an eff about Kyesha and that they all need to talk. During the confrontation, Kyesha reiterated they’ve been dealing with each other off and on since 2004 and that she got pregnant by him, but lost the baby. Willie was firm in trying to pretend that he barely knew who Kyesha was or that he didn’t mess with her like that.

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Shanda walked away from the shenanigans, but you know how this goes. She’s going to pretend she’s mad at Willie for like, three episodes, and they’ll be fine eventually. Later on, Willie said he knew he was messed up for sending those text messages and tried to talk it out with Shanda. He tried to downplay the seriousness of the relationship and made Kyesha out to look like some kind of stalker that he hadn’t seen since 2004 (Shanda and Willie have been married for 10 years), and kind of but not really apologized for hurting Shanda.


Shanda’s not that stupid though. She knows that Willie probably has seen her since 2004, but she got the not so bright idea for them to confront Kyesha to get her to admit that she lied. You know, because these confrontations always go well.


Masika is back on the show and now we’ll get to watch the paternity drama between she and Petty Fetty Wap play out. Masika went to lawyers to get their advice about how to move forward about how to move forward with child support pending paternity verification (we know by now that the child is his).


Ray J and Princess’ engagement party was a happy occasion, for the most part, but Princess still feels some type of way about Sonja Norwood wanting her to sign a prenup. Brandy made an appearance and told Princess that she’s rooting for Ray and Princess and that it’s best to chat with Sonja about this situation. Brandy even got the maid of honor title from Princess. Brandy seems to really like her impending sister-in-law and vice versa, but too bad Sonja Norwood is a lot more prickly. However, for some reason, Ray J decided to rip up the prenup after giving his engagement speech, but Sonja ain’t having that. She’s gon’ catch Ray J at another time and make sure her baby is smart with his money.


Masika was still stressed out about the Fetty Wap situation, so she called Nia and Moniece over to her house for a pow wow. Eventually it came up that Masika and Moniece don’t really rock with Princess and then Moniece dropped the bomb, which is that she slept with Ray J back in the day.

Later on, that messy blogger Jason Lee asked Princess about Princess’s beef with Moniece, and Princess said that Ray J’s side of the story is that he admitted that he slept with her back when he was 19, but it was at a party, it happened once, and it wasn’t that serious. Princess’ final words in the interview were for Moniece to be ready because she’s coming for her aka, she tried way too hard to be a thug, but we get it, somebody will probably catch hands—or a drink. Moniece got wind of Princess’ threats. Challenge accepted.


The episode concludes with Willie, Shanda and Kyesha’s ultimate meeting that went nowhere. Willie maintains his story, which is that he hadn’t seen Kyesha since the 2004 fling, but Kyesha insisted that their fling has lasted for 12 years. Willie maintained his innocence, but Kyesha got emotional and blurted out that she still loved him. That’s when Shanda lost it and tried to yank Kyesha, but security broke it up. As far as Shanda is concerned, both parties are lying, but we’ll keep watching this unfold.


Stay tuned for more drama next week.


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