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Send #LoveAndRnB your requests and dedications on Facebook or call 844-258-8762. We’re on your radio until midnight with grown folk conversation and good music. What are your thoughts on Tuesday’s ‪#‎OHSOREALScenario:

15 years ago Natasha and Steve were both juniors in high school when they dated and she became pregnant. During her pregnancy she gained a lot of weight and could never shed the weight. The two broke up shortly before graduating and Natasha always felt like the extra weight was part of the reason Steve ended their relationship. Within the last two years Natasha has dropped the extra weight and everyone says she looks better than ever.

Ironically, Steve is one of the people who has been complementing Natasha on how good she looks. He even asked her out on a date recently. They are both single and have a 16 year old together but Natasha is wondering if it’s a bad idea to take Eric up on what could be only a physical attraction. Should Natasha give her high school sweet heart another chance or is Steve only there for a good look?

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