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Travel isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. There is just something about experiencing everyday occurrences in an entirely new place, as well as seeing things one might only have read about that is culturally necessary for our development.

Evita Robinson is the founder of Nomadness Tribe, which is a travel community of people who have dedicated their lives to, well, the pursuit of travel!

5 Travel Hacks with Evita Robinson

Evita created a community, where, collectively, members have over 20,000 passport stamps and live in over three dozen countries. She organizes group trips for the community at least four times a year. Her trips always sell out within five minutes.

5 Travel Hacks with Evita Robinson

Evita has lived in everywhere from Japan to South Africa and travels regularly, while still running a group of people interested in seeing outside the lens of their comfort zone. How does the successful entrepreneur manage to take all these trips?

Evita Robinson

With her travel hacks.

Always willing to share, Evita told us about five trips that will have you drinking wine in South Africa and running with the bulls in Portugal.

Know what websites to buy your ticket:

“I got a roundtrip to South Africa for $325.” ~ Evita Robinson

Look for flight glitches. The best site to find flight glitches is and “These should be your go-to’s as far as finding flight glitches,” Evita revealed. She also added a bonus tip of signing up for their daily newsletters: “It will be one of those spam emails you don’t mind getting everyday!” Evita says flight glitches happen almost daily now. A roundtrip flight to South Africa that costs less than a ticket to Los Angeles? I’ll take it.

Be flexible:

If you are flexible, you can open yourself up to countries that may have never been on your radar, using Use the explore option, plug-in your dates and your home airport, and choose “Everywhere” as your destination. They will list all the places you can go in that time frame, from least expensive to most expensive. Evita raves:

“It’s the new age, spin the globe, don’t look and pick a place. There might be someplace really, really cheap that you don’t even have on your radar. Use that as opening yourself up to different places you can go to.”

Be spontaneous, beauties, and end up somewhere new and exciting!

5 Travel Hacks with Evita Robinson

Don’t check a bag:

“You will very rarely, it doesn’t matter the extent of the trip, catch me checking in a bag or with a big suitcase because I feel like it slows me down.”

Evita rarely travels with a suitcase and uses her carry-on only. Not only does this save her a $25 baggage fee, but she also isn’t weighed down by her possessions.

Bring coconut oil:

“I use it on my skin, I cook with it, and I put it in my hair.”

Natural beauties, no need to bring multiple hair products. Bring one product that can serve multiple purposes! Coconut oil is super moisturizing, so it will keep your hair and skin hydrated. If you must take multiple products, Evita suggests using three-ounce bottles. She loves Shea Moisture products and will squeeze product into multiple small bottles. No need to buy travel-size options of products you already own!

Learn how to pack — properly:

There’s an art to packing. Take the time to learn it. Packing for your trip in a carry-on will allow you the flexibility to fly standby, to run a little late to the airport (luggage must be checked in at least an hour prior to international flights and thirty minutes before domestic flights), and focus on what you are going to see versus what you are going to wear.

Beauties, now you are ready to fly — fabulously!

You can keep up with all of Evita’s travels and adventures at her Instagram, here, and check out the video above!

PHOTO CREDIT: Evita Robinson, Nomadness Travel Tribe


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