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D'Angelo and The Vanguard

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After the Billboard Awards tribute to Prince tanked, D’Angelo’s name was the first name they announced when BET told the world “We Got You.” But he was no where to be found during the Prince tribute at last night’s BET Awards. And I want to know…what happened? Well, I guess it could have been anything from a scheduling conflict, possible illness, maybe the money wasn’t right, maybe it was the weed or maybe he’s still working on it. (It did take him 14 years to finish his last album???) But man, I was definitely looking forward to seeing him perform. He might be a little eclectic, but that man can sang! And did you see D’Angelo’s 2012 tribute to Prince at Carnegie Hall? I absolutely LOVED the tributes performed last night at the BET Awards but if D’Angelo would have been there, it would have been even more incredible!

BET did remove his name from the press releases sometime between sometime between June 20th and June 23rd, but they did it on the low. They could have told us and not be all sneaky about it.


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