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You may remember the story that came out about how Kanye fired one of his bodyguards for simply talking to Kim. Well Steve Stanulis (the bodyguard), is talking about it! In fact, he did three interviews about getting fired…even though he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Kim and Kanye are furious. They say that Stanulis is telling lies and they want $30 million dollars for violating the non-disclosure. They want $10 million for every time he blabbed, I mean interviewed…which are the terms of the agreement Stanulis signed before accepting employment from the West Family. Now, I’m not sure just how much Steve made as a bodyguard, or how much he made on those interviews…but where is he going to get THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS???

The West family said it can all go away if Steve gives them a public apology and promises not to do anymore interviews.


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