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Harvard University Acknowledges Slaves Who Helped To Build The Campus 

A new plaque in front of the Wadworth House at Harvard University acknowledges two of former President, Benjamin Wadsworth slaves. Titus and Venus worked on the grounds of the university in 1725 until 1737. The plaque also includes the names Juba and Bilhah, who were slaves in the household of President Edward Holyoke from 1737 until 1769. According to the school’s current President Drew Faust, Harvard “was directly complicit in America’s system of racial bondage,” and the plaque is meant to remember “stolen lives.” Civil Rights leader Congressman John Lewis attended the unveiling ceremony where he embraced Faust for his retroactive deed. NY Daily News

Nearly 100 Chicago Police Officers Honor Cancer Patient 

At the tender age of 6-years-old, Madison Pruitt knows that she wants to be a police officer because she wants to “protect people.” For the past year, Madison has been battling a rare muscle cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. She underwent radiation and chemotherapy; the cancer went into remission but returned at the end of 2015. Madison is currently in hospice care but that didn’t stop Interim Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson along with 75 police officers from making the little girl’s dream come true. Johnson and company walked two blocks from the Gresham District police station to Madison’s home in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood. “Today I’m going to make it official, and make you a lifelong Chicago Police officer, congratulations,” said Johnson as he placed a Chicago police cap on Madison’s head. “I am overjoyed with the Chicago Police Department,” said the little girl’s grandmother, Pamlor Nelson. “It makes me feel real joyful. That was the most wonderful part, when they said they were going to come to us” added Nelson. Chicago Sun Times

100-Year-Old Woman Rendered Homeless After Court Hearing

Tenants at a Palm Desert apartment complex complained that a 100-year-old woman fought too loudly with her daughter. The excessive noise and a reportedly “deplorable” home led to a judge evicting Evelyn Heller from her home. Heller, who was born in 1915, represented herself in a court hearing against her landlord, Deep Canyon Desert LLC. The frail woman could hardly see or hear, and even borrowed a pair of glasses from someone in courtroom so that she could read her paperwork. Supposedly her landlord had threaten eviction twice before but and Heller did not make the requested improvements to her living condition so the eviction proceeded. The attorney for Deep Canyon Desert LLC, William Windham is reported as having little remorse for the great grandmother’s situation. “I’ve evicted people off of their death beds and regretted every second of the trial,” Windham said. “But my job is unfortunately to set my feeling aside and do what my clients ask me to do.” Heller says despite having four grandsons, “They don’t have room for me.” The elderly woman has two weeks to leave her home in addition to pay nearly $2K in rent and court fees. Desert Sun

Chicago Reaches Multi-Million Dollar Settlement In Police Brutality Case

Nearly four years after the death of Philip Coleman, his family has receieved justice. Following a domestic battery arrest on December 12, 2012 Coleman refused to go to his hearing the next day. Officers reportedly tussled with the man and then surveillance footage shows the victim being dragged by his handcuffs out of the cell. He later died at a hospital and although the cause of death has not been confirmed, an autopsy showed he died of a reaction to an antipsychotic drug and also had bruises and abrasions on his body. The Coleman family filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Chicago for $4.9 million. Reportedly, the family’s attorney Ed Fox has confirmed that a settlement was reached though the exact amount of the award has not been disclosed. Huff Post


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