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It’s time for you to unwind with the #WNMC. Tonight we’re featuring music from one of the most soulful R&B groups ever, The Isley Brothers. One of the founding members Rudolph Isley will be 77 years old this Friday April 1st and we’re going to play some of their classics to get the birthday celebration started.

They’ve got a long repertoire of hits that spans across 6 decades back to 1954, making their body of work one of the most profitable in music history. There’s an entire generation that wouldn’t know anything about a detergent named “Shout” if it weren’t for The Isley Brothers.

Check out this 2001 video of a mega-hit that’s still a trending topic many years later. Head over to our Facebook page and share your favorite Isley Brother songs. It’s all #LoveAndRnB!

The Isley Brothers – Contagious

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