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Premiere Of VH1's 'Hit The Floor' Season 3 - Arrivals

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Tonight’s season finale of Hit the Floor definitely went out with a bang…literally.

As far as relationships, it seems like there’s trouble in paradise for Derek and Ahsha, and Jelena and Terrence. Derek got a suspicious phone call from some random woman, and it made Ahsha suspicious, especially when he brushed it off after she questioned him. Jelena revealed to Terrence that she can’t have kids, but he thinks she’s lying because she had a change of heart again about having children. He also doesn’t trust her because she made him fail that drug test. Obviously he never let that go, which becomes a problem for Jelena since she thought they got past that.

Lionel, for some reason, decides to summon some good karma for once, and reveals that Oscar plans to kill Sloane. She also admits that Jelena sold her the evidence that Sloane had been putting together in order to build her case against him, and she is the one who gave it to Oscar (obvi). This prompts Ahsha to threaten Jelena to make good by straightening out the situation with Oscar. Ahsha isn’t good at threats, but even Jelena’s evil behind doesn’t want murder on her hands so she tells Oscar that she will allow him to have full access to the arena without restrictions as long as he leaves Sloane alone and allows her to have 10% minority ownership of the Devils. Oscar agrees to this because a 10% minority stake isn’t much power at all.

Back to Ahsha and Derek’s relationship drama…

As it turned out, Derek was acting shady because he had been dealing with his jeweler to pick out the perfect ring for Ahsha. He set up a nice surprise Devil Girls routine for Ahsha where he popped the question. She said yes and later on they decide to elope. But this is definitely not a happily ever after for them because German is getting out of jail.

This is how that happened: Raquel left a video confession she made before she died where she revealed that she killed Olivia. She claimed that Olivia knew she was undocumented and was threatening to tell. She didn’t want to lose her son so she killed Olivia and German took the blame. She didn’t really kill Olivia, but since she was on her way out she figured she might as well save German. He’s a good guy, despite his mistake (he really did kill Olivia by accident), and didn’t deserve that prison sentence, but you know he’s probably going to try to get his girl back at some point.

We have long known that Jelena is a snake, but she took her cold-bloodedness to new heights when she revealed to Oscar that she poisoned the board against him and lined up additional partners in her quest for the team. So, that 10% stake actually made her majority owner of the Devils, and Oscar doesn’t have as much power as he thinks. What’s even worse is Jelena cut Terrence out of the deal too because she was mad about him not trusting her. Terrence demanded his ring back and rebuked her black heart. For someone who admitted that she was sacred to be alone, Jelena sure knows how to cut people off. Terrence was the only one, aside from her mother, who actually tried to see the good in her.

Lionel created an elaborate plot to frame Oscar for attempting to murder her by monoxide poisoning, but her plan backfired. Basically, she broke the key in her running car’s ignition, and called Pete with an emergency so that he’d come get her just in time (she planned to say that Pete rescued her). However, she didn’t think things through and when Pete came later than she anticipated (she thought he was at the arena, but he was actually somewhere else farther away), everything spun out of control as Lionel realized that she accidentally locked them in her garage and now they don’t have much time to get out alive.

Speaking of plots, Jelena is on the warpath, and exercising her power to the fullest extent. She traded Zero, and fired Sloane. Terrence even told Ahsha to watch her back because Jelena would do whatever she could to break them up and to make Ahsha’s life miserable. Let’s cut to the scene where Derek is waiting for Ahsha in the limo so that they can elope…they were supposed to meet at it 8, it’s 8:20 and still no Ahsha. Her phone is also going straight to voicemail.

Finally, the episode ends on a note that is kind of satisfying. Just when you were tired of Jelena constantly being on top with all her scheming, a gunshot rang out, and when the smoke cleared we see Jelena lying on the ground. She didn’t seem to be hit in a major spot, but you never know with this show. She may or may not die and it may or may not have been Oscar who did it since she had so many enemies.

Let’s just hope that Vh1 doesn’t make us wait five years for the next season to return.


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