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Part two of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was still a snooze fest, but slightly more heated than last week’s episode. Tonight we picked up by revisiting that yacht fight between Cynthia and Porsha. That conversation got heated as they rehashed the event but their chat was was otherwise uneventful. They’ve long apologized to each other so there really wasn’t anything more to be said.

Then the subject of Kenya’s mommy issues came up again. Remember when Kenya stopped her family’s bus at her mother’s house on the way to their family reunion, and her mom refused to open the door? Yeah, that situation. Andy asked her what the Tweets wanted to know, which was whether she went to her mom’s house because cameras were rolling. Kenya claimed she didn’t do it for cameras and that she has done similar many times before, but obviously with the same result. Her mom just doesn’t want a relationship with her, which is heartbreaking, but also sheds light on why Kenya is so awful.

Moving on to the biggest moment of the night, and probably of the season, Andy capped the episode with the Glen Rice situation.

Remember when the ladies were in Miami and Kenya had Tammy’s nephew Glen kicked out of the house, he subsequently acted like a madman, and then Sheree and Phaedra had the nerve to try to liken the situation to something that could have escalated along the lines of what happened to Mike Brown? Yeah, that was crazy. Basically, all the women except for Kandi and Kenya seemed to think Glen’s behavior wasn’t aggressive. But like, anyone who watched the tape could see that something wasn’t right. The way he came at Kandi was crazy, and the way he came at Kenya, calling her “lil’ b—ch” and getting up in her face like he was going to hit her, and even damn near knocking his aunt out wasn’t cool.

It makes you wonder what types of men these women are used to, but not so fast. We actually ended up getting to the root of the situation:


They tried to make Kenya seem like she was just mad because she was flirting with him and he didn’t give into her advances. But the thing is, even if she was flirting with him, she realized she made a bad decision fast. Kandi and Cynthia were the only ones sensible enough to ask them if they thought it was okay for him to talk to Kandi the way he did (and they didn’t think it was cool). Kandi then mentioned that she felt they were just trying to pacify the situation because they don’t like Kenya. Yet the bottom line was, the way he stepped to Kenya like he was going to fight her wasn’t cool. Basically, Phaedra n’nem were just trying to brush off the situation because they refused to agree with Kenya just to be petty. Kenya might be a lot of things, but she wasn’t wrong in this situation. What do you think?

That’s all the juice we got from tonight’s recap, but next week the men step to the couch and Nene returns. Perhaps that’s when the real excitement will begin.


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