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'Scandal' Season Two Finale Event

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It’s republican debate time, and it looks like Olivia Pope is officially helping Mellie with her campaign. Speaking of Olivia helping Mellie, she also reclaimed some of her power over Jake, but we’ll get to that later.

Aside from the republican candidates going to bat, we also got news that Senator Edison Davis, Olivia’s ex fiancé, has decided to run for pres on the democratic ticket. Olivia is happy for him at first, but there’s more than meets to eye there, more on that later also.

As we predicted, David Rosen really is catching feelings for Susan and for some reason he tells Abby that he’s caught between them and feels conflicted. Abby decides to be a Chatty Patty Abby and tells Susan that David is “seeing another woman.” This news actually throws Susan off her game and she’s not doing a good job at her practice debates. Susan eventually confronts David about who he’s dealing with, and he manages to talk her off the ledge (by lying to her). They settle the score just as Elizabeth has announced to the press that David and Susan are going to come out about their relationship at the debate. But check this out…David breaks up with Elizabeth after finally admitting that he’s in love with Susan. Elizabeth obviously doesn’t take it well, but you know how she is, the show must go on even if her feelings are hurt.

Running the Vargas campaign won’t be as easy as Cyrus thought because Vargas’ brother, Alex, is about that life. Alex takes charge of getting campaign staff pumped up and has a firm command of the situation. Cyrus, realizing that Alex ain’t going nowhere, begins hatching a plan to get Alex Vargas out of the way, as if that’s going to be easy.

Alex proves to be just as ruthless as anyone could imagine by offering Olivia some dirt on Susan in exchange for dirt on Edison Davis. Olivia turns it down at first, but reconsiders after Mellie makes a major flub that destroys her credibility. Liv first consults with Papa Pope, who surprisingly tells her she’s on her own in figuring this out, but you already know she’s going to do it.

Quinn figures out that Jake is using Vanessa’s money to funnel money to a super pack. It turns out Rowan is masterminding this (duh) because he wants a favor from Edison. However, by the time Olivia confronts Edison to warn him about her father, it’s too late. Edison has already made his deal with the devil in exchange for the presidency. Olivia pleads with him to rethink things by shouting out that she’s trying to keep him from “getting in bed with a monster.” He corrects her and says that he’s “getting in bed with the monster’s father.” And that’s another curve for Olivia Pope, but it’s cool because later on she literally grabs Jake by the balls (in a way that’s seductive) and confronts him about funneling Vanessa’s money. Jake gets extra hot with his junk in Olivia’s hand, but that’s not going down this time. Liv reclaims her power over him by telling him to tell her father that she plans to win whatever game Papa Pope is playing.

The Main Event

We’re at the republican debate, hosted by Sally Langston. There’s not much of the episode left so we don’t get to too much drama yet, but Susan breaks up with David and ironically shares a teary moment with Elizabeth as they both agree that “David Rosen is an ass.” Meanwhile, Olivia gets that dirt on Susan after all, and based on the look on her face after she reads it, it’s juicy.


But we’ll have to wait until next week to find out what it is.



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