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A West Palm Beach teenager accused of posing as a doctor has been arrested again.Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, was arrested by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office late Tuesday night and appeared before a judge Wednesday morning.Accord

Dr. Love is in trouble with the law once again after he was arrested for defrauding an elderly woman for over $30,000, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The teenager was booked on charges of larceny and five counts of using another person’s identification without consent on Tuesday. The accusations stem from Anita Morrison, a patient he was treating for stomach pains. The 86-year-old claimed the false doctor cashed $2,800 in stolen checks from her home. The amount allegedly increased to $34,504 when Morrison realized her checking account was constantly being used to pay off car loans and credit cards that weren’t hers.

The Sun Sentinel reports:

An arrest report from Tuesday’s arrest said Love-Robinson “criminally used” Anita Morrison’s checking account to make $34,504 toward payments for his auto loans and credit cards. Investigators said he used about $29,700 from Morrison’s checking account to pay Nissan auto loans, along with $3,000 to Citibank and almost $1,800 to Capital One.

Morrison found the teen after searching for medical assistance on the Internet. Because her pain was left undiagnosed by other doctors, the fooled patient says she was eager to find help.

“Maybe I wanted to believe because I was in such pain,” the octogenarian told the newspaper last month. “I just went along with it.”

The large amount of theft included payments to Love-Robinson’s medical center to conduct ultrasounds and an endoscopy, which was ultimately delayed. Morrison was also given vitamins to suppress her stomach pain.

Before Love-Robinson’s release from jail on Wednesday, a judge recommended his mental health be evaluated. The Florida native has 48 hours to complete the assessment.

After he was released on bond, he remained quiet on the second batch of fraud charges. The charges were officially brought against the teen prior to his initial arrest in February.

Since the age of 17, Love-Robinson has shadowed doctors and received certificates in the medical world. He has remained headstrong on his position as a holistic caregiver, telling reporters he never verbally told his patients he was a doctor.

On Feb. 16, he was arrested for practicing medicine without a license after he was caught by an undercover officer. His grandfather previously told reporters the 18-year-old was misunderstood in his efforts to help people.

Love-Robinson is currently banned from practicing “any sort of medicine” during his supervised release.

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