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Black Lives Matter

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With recent reports that Black folks cannot even attend a Trump rally and not be roughed up, this recent report shouldn’t shock anyone.

A Black Lives Matter supporter in New Jersey claims that she has received racist and graphic death threats from a stranger in Texas, says

Heather Smith told the media that she feels that her life was “in danger” after a receiving a slew of horrific Facebook messages. The man, who the media won’t identify, has sent menacing notes to Smith calling her a “filthy black chick” and warning her that he is going to kidnap her and end her life. 

“It started off with, ‘Let me tell you how I want to kill you,’” and then graduated to “long, drawn-out torture. It’s so graphic, it’s really disgusting,” she said.

While Smith doesn’t recognize or even know her harasser, she believes that her racial equality politics may be behind why she was targeted. “I speak a lot on Black Lives Matter, on racism, and I have friends who share my post, and that’s most likely how he saw my page and decided to target me,” Smith explained. 

What we do know about Smith’s terrorizer is that is white, 24 years-old and lives in the Houston, Texas area. The young man’s father told the press that his son is too young to understand that what he is doing is wrong. “He’s a kid. He wasn’t thinking what he was saying,” he said. 

However, the local police aren’t as willing to write age off as an excuse. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office believe these threats should be labeled as “terroristic threats”  but “that it’s up to New Jersey law enforcement agencies to investigate first, then present their case if they have one, to Harris County cybercrimes investigators,” ClickHouston writes. 

“It’s a little different where you have a complainant out of state and then having to send caseloads back and forth, but it has been done and we have filed cases and gotten convictions on this type of stuff,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland said.

In the meantime, Smith has filed charges with her local police department.

We will provide updates on this story as they are reported. 


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