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Premiere Of VH1's 'Hit The Floor' Season 3 - Arrivals

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Tonight’s episode of Hit the Floor focuses on Sloane being framed for killing Olivia, Oscar and Jude’s terrible father/son relationship, Terrence’s love child, and Ahsha acting like she doesn’t want to be with Derek when we know she does.

The episode opens with Sloane being questioned for Olivia’s murder. This whole thing is ridiculous. How did she go from preparing to testify against Oscar and protective custody to being a prime suspect based on shoddy evidence? I’m no law enforcement professional, but it’s obvious all these crooked cops are in kahootz. There’s gotta be one good soul among them, right? Not so much. They continue grilling Sloane, search her house and even obtain planted fingerprints. It’s not looking too good.

In Jelena’s world, things almost seem to be going well. She’s relishing in her newfound control of the Devils arena so much that she decides to triple the Devils’ rent just to mess with Lionel. But Jelena realizes it’s not all good in her world after she gets a visit from a pregnant woman claiming to be the mother of Terrence’s child. Terrence admitted that he slept with the woman. He said that he and Jelena weren’t together and that he was reckless because he was in a bad spot. For once we actually see some emotion coming from Jelena. She actually almost cried, but caught herself quickly because she realized that her only hope is a DNA test. Later on, Terrence’s potential babymama claimed she wasn’t trying to get in between them or cause drama, and agreed to get a DNA test. The thing is, she agreed to go to Jelena’s doctor. Yes, Jelena’s. Doctor. The outcome of this could really bend in Jelena’s favor if you catch my drift. Hopefully that woman smartens up and gets her own DNA test elsewhere.

Oscar had a come to Jesus moment while in prison and decided to make peace with Jude. He begged Jude to help him clear his name so that he can get out of jail. Clearing Oscar’s name means that Jude needs to recover the phone number to Oscar’s only alibi. Jude, after a lifetime of being shunned by his dad, got his dad the number, but because he doesn’t trust his dad’s intentions, mentioned that if he calls the number then he better not call him again. We know who we’re dealing with, though, right? Of course Oscar made the call! Jude found out, and told Oscar that he just lost his son. But like, they never really had a relationship anyway. Oscar cares about Oscar.

Ahsha confronted German about spying on her and that whole conversation spirals into Ahsha confessing that she had sex with Derek. Finally. German promptly kicks her out of his apartment.

Later on, German confronts Derek about sleeping with Ahsha, and Ahsha walks in in the middle of their shoving match. She manages to break it up and then follows German outside. German demands that she tell him that she doesn’t love Derek anymore, but she can’t. By this point, Derek had followed them outside to see what was up and Ahsha grabbed his hand as German drove off upset. And you’re also probably wondering why she doesn’t seem to know what’s up with her mother at this point, right? Anyone?


Back in Jelena Land, it turns out that the DNA results surprisingly haven’t been manipulated, and the baby belongs to Terrence. Getting at Terrence seems to be the only way to truly hurt Jelena. Maybe someone else will finally figure that out.

The episode ends predictably. Sloane finally gets arrested for killing Olivia. What’s even worse is, they’re using that bogus suicide note that Sloane was forced to write when she was being held hostage as evidence because, of course, the guy that tried to kill her is also a corrupt cop.

Looks like the pressure will soon be on German to come clean.



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