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John Monds

Who remembers how MAGNIFICENT the year 1989 was? It was the year that ushered in the 90’s but also capped off one of the most trendsetting decades thus far, the 80’s.  In just a few minutes at 8pm we’re kicking off our time travel trip to the year 1989 and we invite you to take a ride down memory lane.

We’ve said it before and many agree, not much has changed in POP culture since then. In fact it seems the 90’s and beyond were just remixes of the 70’s and 80’s. We could be a little biased here or it maybe the difference isn’t as significant as how drastically things changed from the 70’s into the 80’s.

Here are  a few reminders:

  • George Bush Sr. became president after Ronald Reagan left office.
  • One of the biggest oil spills in history occurred on the coast of Alaska when the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of oil.
  • 1989 was declared one of the warmest years on record marking the beginning of the Greenhouse Effect.
  • The year-end Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B chart top ten artists were
  1. Karyn White -Superwoman
  2. Soul II Soul – Keep on Movin’
  3. Al Jarreau -So Good,
  4. Surface – Shower me With Your Love
  5. Sybil – Don’t Make Me Over
  6. Stephanie Mills – Something in the Way (You Make Me Feel)
  7. Regina Belle– Baby Come To Me
  8. Karyn White – Love Saw It
  9. Tone-Loc – Wild Thing
  10. Skyy – Start of a Romance

Check out this video of Karyn White‘s mega hit Superwoman: