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Premiere Of VH1's 'Hit The Floor' Season 3 - Arrivals

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On this week’s episode of Hit the Floor, Ahsha discovers she has been reinstated as a Devil Girl, as per Derek’s contract condition, but she plays hardball. Boston offered her a choreographer role so she demands the same position with the Devil Girls, which means she’ll be co-choreographing with Jelena. Speaking of Jelena, Ahsha tells Lionel she better handle that, and Lionel agrees. However, if Jelena actually does successfully buy the Devils the way she and Terrence have been secretly plotting, Ahsha could still be out again.

German is not happy about Ahsha’s reinstatement, especially after finding out that it was because of Derek. Even though German got his job back too, he was still looking forward to getting a fresh start in Boston (Translation: He wanted to get away from Derek and that potential murder charge that might catch up to him).

The plot thickens when Zero walks in on Terrence and Jelena planning their engagement party and reveals that he knows their secret about wanting to steal the Devils from the Kincaids. He claims the only way he won’t snitch is if they trade Derek if they actually pull it off. Jelena is with the trade if it means her spot won’t get blown, but Terrence refuses, because Derek is obviously a good player, and convinces Jelena to reconsider. She later tries to threaten Zero into silence, but he’s not easily swayed. He’s salty they’re not together anymore and simply wants to make her life miserable, so his deal stands as it is and Jelena has some strategizing to do if she’s gonna come out on top.

Lionel finally informs Jelena about the conditions of Ahsha’s impending return and that there’s nothing she can do about it. But of course, hater Jelena is banking on her purchase of the team as a way to get Ahsha out for good.

Speaking of shady, Lionel informed Oscar what has been going on, and that she liquidated one of their assets in order to give Derek the massive salary he wanted. She also informed him that she cut him out of the team, and then made that official announcement to the media. Coldblooded! Oscar won’t take this lying down, but for now he has to. Jelena and Terrence will have to accept defeat too. As a result of Lionel’s announcement, Telena’s (yes, Terrence and Jelena) potential business partner backed out of the deal because there’s too much heat on the team so he’d rather not throw more shade over the situation.

Remember last week how Sloan was kidnapped by one of Oscar’s henchmen? Well, he tried to force her to kill herself, but she managed to escape after a bit of an ordeal, and chopping dude in the groin. Sloan also managed to contact Pete, who was able to pick her up, and informed her that he was beefing up protection for she and Ahsha. At this point, Sloan better hope her testimony can put Oscar away for good. She’s in for one hell of a battle.

And if Sloan’s troubles weren’t dramatic enough for you, let us conclude with Derek’s threat to German. He basically told him to get ready for a fight because he’s gunning for Ahsha’s love. The thing is, Derek don’t know that German is crazy. Game on.

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