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4. If I brush my teeth I will eliminate bad breath problems

Unfortunately, brushing alone is not effective in eliminating odor-causing bacteria. But a simple Scrape-Brush-Rinse routine makes fresh breath as easy as 1-2-3! Of course, when you do brush, it helps to have a toothbrush that’s up for the job … like Oxyfresh’s Health Brush! Its soft, dense bristles are perfect for use with Oxyfresh toothpastes, or you can dip it into Oxyfresh mouthrinse and apply it directly to the gum line. It can also be used dry to apply Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel.

5. I can rinse with a mouthwash and use breath mints to control my bad breath

While there are many claims about these products, most are ineffective and actually make bad breath even worse! That’s because they only mask the problem with strong flavorings for a few minutes at best. And the alcohol content dries out the mouth, causing odor-causing bacteria to flourish. Each Oxyfresh mouthrinse is alcohol-free and eliminates bad breath completely with the power of Oxygene®.

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