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Bryan T. Osterday, DDS is from Cincinnati, OH.  He attended Miami University and The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. He spent 14 years in private practice and is now the Professional Liaison Consultant within the Professional Oral Health division of Procter & Gamble.  In this role, he helps to oversee professional development within the dental community, promotes oral health to underprivileged children and has lectured throughout the region.  He is married to a veterinary oncologist and has 3 children.

Top 5 Bad Breath Myths

1. Bad breath comes from the foods we eat

OK, we all know those onions from your favorite potato salad can leave behind an offensive odor … but this is only temporary. There are no foods (no matter how much garlic you eat) that contribute to chronic bad breath, which affects over 40 million Americans. Halitosis is linked to elevated levels of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), which typically accumulate on the rough surface on the back of your tongue. So, continue to enjoy your favorite summer foods … just take care of your mouth afterward!

2. If I had bad breath, I’d know it

Ah, that would sure be a relief, right? Yet research shows we can’t actually smell our own breath because we’ve become adapted to it from continual exposure. So give yourself fresh breath confidence by using Oxyfresh mouthrinses. These rinses neutralize odor-causing compounds with the exclusive ingredient Oxygene®. In fact, Oxygene® is clinically proven to freshen breath up to six hours … while fighting the buildup of plaque and tartar for a happy smile!

3. Bad breath originates from the stomach

Only on very rare occasions does bad breath result from stomach and/or digestive problems. Studies show that 85 percent of bad breath issues start in the mouth. This is because sulfur-producing bacteria find their way into the soft and hard tissues of the mouth and, primarily, the surface of the tongue. That’s why keeping your breath its freshest starts with a clean tongue. VSCs like to hide in the deep pockets of the tongue where toothbrushes can’t reach. Lucky for you, you can use Oxyfresh’s Oolitt® or Oolitt® Elite tongue scraper to remove up to 75 percent more of odor-causing bacteria!

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